Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here we go Again - Knitting here and away.

So two weeks ago, I shipped another 6 boxes of your precious stuff to Dulaan. Its going in a container to Mongolia in July/August. That brings our grand total up to (drum roll) over 800 items shipped to Afghanistan, Mongolia and Northern Labrador.

We mentioned it before, but in addition to the knit stuff, we wound up shipping mittens and snowsuits, donated by the good folks at MEC and through a Christmas mitten tree that we set up.

We've been getting emails from you amazing compassionate folks asking if we're going to continue. And the answer is (wait for it)


So here is the skinny: We are going to ship to Sheshatshiu First Nation. I just talked to the very cool Lorraine Rich, who is our contact there. They have 400 (!) kids aged 5 to 15 so that's the group that we're targetting. Here's what they need:

1. wool socks
2. mittens
3. hats
4. sweaters

They'd also like baby blankets for their clinic. Remember we shipped a bunch of blankets to that community last year? Well apparently they all got distributed and were much appreciated.

So what do you think? Post me a note on this site, and I'll get back to you.

Thanks for everything - you're help has made life a little sweeter,