Friday, June 8, 2018

Introducing...Suzanne (and a new mailing address for your stuff)

So I have some amazing news - we have a new Executive Director:  the amazing Suzanne Atkinson!  I am so happy because Suzanne has been with us since the very beginning, at all of the packing nights, collecting from different knitters, visiting the yarn stores for pick-ups and moderating the revelry group.  I'm so excited that she has signed on for this job - yay, Suzanne!  As for me, I'll still be at packing night, and I will support S through the transition.  I might even (gulp) knit something for the project - socks, hat, neck-warmer, anybody's guess.

So we've got 3 boxes packed and ready to go (Jeanine, its about 120 pounds), up with our amazing doctors to Iqaluit.  We've hopefully got another box going up as well with another visitor from the North.  And finally, I'll be dropping all of the blankets and knitting supplies off at Larga as soon as possible.

All that to say the next posting you will see will be from the fabulous Suzanne.

More news:

Yarn Forward in Ottawa will be closing its doors this summer, so if you dropped off there, we're hoping that you can either drop off or mail to the NEW Warm Hands addy:

Warm Hands Network
1674 Trenholm Lane
Orleans, ON
K4A 4B4

Who is holding up that sweater made by Anna Bing.  Could it be....Suzanne?

Kathy from Orleans made this beautiful blanket.  Just took a close-up because I love the yarn.

Cozy thrum mittens from Kathy or Claire

Suzanne made these great looking mittens.

How pretty is this hat by Claire?

Auriol of Welland made these neck warmers.

Jackie Lambert, is that you?

Alexandria knitters, thank you so much!

Andrea in Ottawa made these beautiful blankets!

Blucanoe, is that you?

We love us some Huntsville ladies.  The quilts that they make are solid gold, and they decided to adventure into hats which are beautiful.  Thanks, ladies!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Its Been a Long Time

Okay, I have been remiss - I feel like I say that a lot, though, so not sure how long I can continue to use it.  And while I've been remiss, your boxes have been getting shipped.  Last month, we shipped 50 pounds, and this week, about 90 pounds went up to Iqaluit (yay!) - every time we get an opportunity (i.e. a kindly sherpa who carries yours stuff to a community contact in the North), I jump at it.  We have been using a contact in Iqaluit for the past couple of years - she's an amazing person within the research community and has lived in Iqaluit for many years.  She takes the boxes, then makes them into smaller packages and sends them up with travellers to some of the more distant communities.  This year, she tells me, she sent your stuff to Rankin Inlet, Baker Lake, Arviat, Chesterfield Inlet, Whale Cove, Cape Dorset, Pang, Titujarkiak, Arctic Bay, Pond Inlet and Cambridge Bay.   The items are sent up with teachers, government administrators, government employees, other researchers, etc.  They go to school social workers, court parties, schools or health centres.  In other words, from your warm hands, to her warm hands, to the warm hands of distributors and finally to warm the hands of kids...the loveliness of the network.

Thanks very much to the Haileybury Knitters (several boxes came my way!) and also to the amazing Anne Marie Aquino (the yarn will be put to good use!).  Also special shoutout to Frances Campbell (you know why...much appreciated).  The next boxes will be going to the doctors in June.  Roll tape:

Viviane Shishakly of Saint-Lazare, QC (rav: muffy)

Sarah Ross, Camrose AB

Wendy Genge, Smoky Lake, AB

Margaret Wallace, Midland ON

Anne Alexander, NC

Koko of Markham, ON

Lisa Marie Starr, Vancouver BC

Anne Saint, Victoria BC

Waterloo ON

Olive Wade, Moncton, NB

Julie Brown, New Liseard ON

Janine McQueen, Fisherton ON

E German "Kahme" London ON

Lisa Marie Sterr, Vancouver BC

F Campbell, Toronto ON

The amazingly patient Karen Zorn - thank you!

Dawn Urquhart, Pickering ON

the 4H Club - great job, Clare, Stephanie, Glenda, Lillian, Janine, Grace, Aurora

Kathy Carty of Ottawa

Carolyn Duke of Ottawa

Janet Fougere

Barbara Dreher of Osaka Japan

Add caption

Jill Queen of Flesherton ON

B Stevens, Toronto, ON

Wenthe Knitter of Ottawa

the lovely Anna Bing

Anne Marie Aquino - thank you!

Jonas of Fairmont BC

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Boxes to Iqaluit

This weekend, I packed another 90 pounds worth of your stuff and dropped them off.  By now, they should be winging their way to Iqaluit.  Just before Christmas, I did a drop off with a partner who carried items to Iqaluit to be shipped onwards.  She sent me a note telling me that the baby things went to the new moms, the adult hats went to shelters, and she sent the remaining items to Arviat, and will send a few more to Cambridge Bay.

The photos below are of single items from the boxes and bags that you shipped.  Have I mentioned that you're all great?  I have reverted to taking photos of just one or two things from each box (in the interest of time!) but rest assured that all are opened, admired and appreciated.

Jackie Lambert (thanks for the sweet note, as usual, J).

WentheKnitter, Ottawa

Bernice or Janet Smith and Karen McCaskill (our favourite ladies of the Hunt)

Sabrina (Knitphomaniac of Mississauga) and her hand dyed yarn (thank you!)

Beverley Stevens (Toronto ON).  B, they came too late for Jimmy Hikok, but I have sent them on to Iqaluit.

Jeanine McQueen of Fredricton, NB

Rita Pilon of Ottawa

Wendy Genge of Smoky Lake, AB (W thank you for the school's worth of stuff, and for addressing us as "GIRLS!!!!").

Ottawa Knitting Guild

Happy Hands Knitters of Invermere, BC

Lauretta Barber (Cozy Hands)

Shirley Milligan, Nanimo, BC

The knitters of Alexandria, ON