Wednesday, August 23, 2017

September in Iqaluit

Summer is not over.

Summer is not over.

Summer is not over.

If we all say it 3 times, it will be true.  

Has anyone else felt the summer was crazy short?  Like, shorter than usual?  I heard a great Ted Talk this week, about time.  Apparently time feels shorter as you get older, and milestones are more poignant.  Saw a lot of family, had a lot of BBQ's, looked at the ocean, hung out with friends - all so special.  Not that I'm getting older or anything.

But now, we turn to autumn, which means doctors are hitting the road again - I've spent the day taking photos and packing boxes for Iqaluit - your stuff will make it there in September!  I haven't mentioned the drop-offs we've done to Larga as well, but I got a lovely note from our connection there: 

"Thanks for all the goodies.  There are 4 elderly ladies in wheelchairs and one using a walker who are sitting in the lobby with comfy warm blankets over their laps.  Very happy patients.".  Niiiiice.  And all due to you.  Those blankets are much loved and I've pulled out the ones that you sent me and will be dropping them off soon.  They go very very quickly.

So without further ado, here are the latest photos.  I'm just going to put the names below because there are sooooo many of them, but please accept our heartfelt thank you.

Barb Dreher (obassan) of Japan!

Dr Jude Cope, Planquemine, LA

The lovely and prolific Wendy Genge of Smoky Lake, AB

More from Wendy!

Jody Lacroix, Taylors, SC

Our best cheerleader, Jackie Lambert (JCL) of West Richland, WA

The Ottawa Knitting Guild

More from Wendy Genge of Smoky Lake, AB

The Haileybury Knitters

Nicole Sweeting of Toronto, ON

Lingering of Ottawa

Apenny of Burlington ON

Wentheknitter of Ottawa

Haileybury knitters

Knitters of Cobalt Ontario

Ok, confession time:  a few weeks ago, I photographed these items and in my haste to get them shipped or dropped off I blew it on tracking the names.  I know that some of them were from the Alexandria Ontario knitters, Wentheknitter, the Huntsville Ladies (Bernice and Janet Smith as well as Karen McCaskill).  Thank you all!