Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wayyyy too much news

Okay not sure where to start with all the happenings, but I will try:

First off, the lovely and talented Carlene dropped by my house last week, with some fantastic sweaters.  We decided that we had enough stuff to put together some boxes ASAP to ship up to Moosonee, so off we went.  At some point, I received these adorable items that we decided to throw into the box (no label on the bag, came from one of the LYS).  The teddies are actually crochetted.   Bottom line, we shipped 3 more boxes (about 100 pounds) off to Moosonee, just in time for Christmas, yay).

Second thing:  I got an amaazing box from Maddy Rosamond of Waterloo, ON.  Maddy found us on Ravelry and is an INCREDIBLE knitter.  This blanket is fab, also because its huge.

Maddy also made this one

And these hats

But my all-time fave is this baby sweater/hat combo.  Can you not totally see this as a "new baby" gift for someone?  I loooove the yarn.

And just today (Sunday), Lynn W of Toronto, dropped by this beautify lopi sweater.

and these socks PLUS about 20 pairs of new merino socks which will be much appreciated.  Lynn has been part of the Warm Hands team since the beginning, and has a very cute blog called Minding my Own Stitches

Okay, so the third thing I actually forget at the moment, because my brain is getting split between too many things.  Just want to say though that - okay wait, I just remembered the 3rd thing:

Here it is: Kwedzo (rankin inlet) took pictures of the kids wearing your stuff and sent the camera back in the mail.  Its going to Carlene who is going to scan them and post them on the site and the blog and the rav.  I am wayyyy too excited about this.  Way.

Okay back to "Deep thoughts by Anita":  I'm not Christian but I love this season.  One of the Ravellers reminded me that she was busy during festivus.  I laughed out loud  - that is so my family: the airing of grievances, the festivus dinner and the Feats of Strength. 

In spite of all of the above, I love this quote by Max Lucado:
"Were it not for the shepherds, there would have been no reception. And were it not for a group of stargazers, there would have been no gifts."

To all you Warm Hands stargazers knitting and crochetting up a storm: thanks for making this year a little sweeter.

See you in 2012~