Sunday, March 4, 2012

Moosonee Got the Stuff

So Suzanne and Carlene came over in Feb with bags and bags and bags of stuff.  We had a packing party for the Moosonee shipment!  I'm finally getting the pictures posted, but I wanted to let you know that everything has been received in Moosonee :)  but my cupboards are now bare :(.  So here's to the Feb 2012 shipment!  Thank you all for contributing.  We've now got our eyes on September - we'll post more deets as they firm up!  The pictures below are of some of the items that Suzanne and Carlene brought in - I think we spent as much time oohing and aahing as we did packing...
Kaffekaren has been a great contributer.  Here are some of her neckwarmers and a cute hat that makes me think of candycorn.

I labeled this pic "Carlene's Monster-Blanket".  It is big enough fro a bed.

Kerin Dimeler-Laurence from Happy Valley, Oregon had a brilliant idea:  she made a whole bunch of socks out of felt that can also double as slippers.  Here is a photo of one of my kidlets modelling the slippers.

and here is a stack of the slipper socks (that's carlene's arm in the corner).  Thanks Kerin - they will keep kiddies feet warm inside the house.  I can actually see northern kids wearing these sock/slippers to bed.

So I got these shrinky-dink bags so we could pile as much stuff in as possible.  This is the before picture - the bag gets filled to almost the top.

This is what happens when you put a vacuum cleaner to the bag - it shrinks to one-third the size, so we jammed in more stuff.

Um Okay, I admit it, I lost the label that told me where these were from.  Carlene, Suzanne, could you give me a hint please?

I think these beauties came from Knit-Knackers. 

Bonnie Belanger, thanks for making all of these!  Bonnie, I wrote Panther in brackets under your name but I can't for the life of me remember why.  Are you from a town called Panther?  Was the name of the yarn Panther?  Carlene, help!

This is my favorite Bonnie Bélanger sweater - so pretty.

Purling Pilgrim (ravname) - thank you so much for this great blanket!
Caroline is Michelle (chococupcake's sister) and she dropped off these great items from the lovely cupcake.

I loved this blanket from chococupcake.  The diagonal knitting is a great mystery to me.

and this is a hat that Michelle made - I'm trying to copy the pattern now!

This blanket and socks are from Beth Snyd.  Beth I think this is the first time you've shipped to us.  Many thanks!

This hat was made by claudette - it is extremely cute.

more claudette stuff

these vests are going to keep some kids very warm!

baby blankets for the daycares and health centres from claudette

my four favorite claudette blankets
Another suzanne beauty

This patchwork blanket was assembled by Suzanne Atkinson.  Patches came from Suzanne, Claire and kathb.

Suzanne, I love this box blanket - so pretty!

And another beautiful box blanket.  This one was made with yarn supplied by Jackie.  Thanks, Jackie.

Suzanne, when do you have time to do all this stuff?  Mittens made by S.

Okay Suzanne, I think this is another one of yours, but I'm not 100% sure.  We also wound up slipping in a box of new boots (thanks to everyone who sent in a couple of dollars!) - I have to tell you that when I spoke to the post office in Moosonee, they knew of the "knitting people" - the town is that small - and your impact is that great.  Thanks to everyone for taking the time and effort to make your gorgeous crochet and knit doodads for northern kids.  You make Warm Hands what it is!