Sunday, July 21, 2013

It can't be... and Vogue Knitting features Warm Hands!

 It cannot be last February since I last posted. Where has the time gone?  I'll tell you where its gone: to income tax season, ringuette season, soccer season, end of school, summer camps.  Okay, Anita, stop whining and start posting:

3 little hats from Rock Garden, Markham.  The picture is taken on my outside deck.  Yes I know its time to restain.

These beautiful mirror mitts (above and below) come from Chloe of Mississauga.  Chloe, my girl had to try to them on.  You are going to make some northern girls very happy!

Don't think we've received anything from Minnesota lately!  Beth Koskie, thanks for the neckwarmers.  I'm guessing you get snow down there too, and know how much they will be appreciated!

Someone unnamed from Mississauga sent in this hat and shawl set.  Thanks Mississauga!

Ahhhh Janet.  Bus13knitter, please let me tell you what happened:  I got your box just after we had sealed our boxes for the Feb shipment, so it did not make it.  This week, I've been feeling unusually flummoxed by Warm Hands, and actually Carlene and I had a long talk about it today.  We're wondering about funding to communities where we don't have shipping partners, maintaining momentum with our distributors while always on the lookout for new distribution opportunities...

...So I open the Janet package, and Janet included some funds to help with shipping (thank you so much!), as well as a note that was so positive and reminded me why we do this.  J I'm keeping the card, so that on another flummoxed day, I can reread it and be revitalized.  Its like it was fate that the box was to be opened today.

Janet's teddies.

Mystery knitter, who are you?   Your booties are adorable.

Michele, aka chococupcakegirl, your sister dropped by yesterday with these lovely hats - thank you!

And last but not least, Nahini's socks.  wonderful and warm!
Exciting news!  The Warm Hands Network is featured in the Early Fall 2013 issue of Vogue Knitting.  The article is called Made in Canada by Lee Ann Dalton and is on page 22-23.  We are thrilled with the article and have already received a number of new knitters as a result of the article.  Yeah!  Look for this pretty cover on the news stands now.