Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back to Montreal

Yet another picture. We still look like we're wearing comfortable shoes, sigh. I swear we've got stilletto's on - you just can't see them. Okay, this is us tonight in box-packing mode. Its all hands on deck for this one. The blankets you see on the left and the bottom are beautiful crochet by Carlene of Carp (carleneruns) - Carlene, we so loved your crochet stuff - soft like anything. Can you post on the hat pattern?

And we keep on packin'. I packed everything, then Amy opened the boxes and repacked, and was able to squish in even more stuff. We squished and we squeeeeeezed, and we taped then taped again to make sure that we could get as much as we could in. See the boots on the bottom? There are 30 pairs stuffed with socks and mittens and hats, and wrapped inside blankets and sweaters and vests...

The last box that came in the mail this week was from - believe it or not - Happy Valley Labrador! Kelly, aka hoodlumknits, put together some sweet little things. We love Kelly because she's always posting and giving us the skinny on the weather and conditions in Labrador. Thanks, hoodlum for being our connection in the 'hood.
And big boxes in Amy's van. Now that we're on our way, I can let you in on our little soap opera. Two weeks ago, I called Morris, our star at Air Labrador. The conversation went like this:
Anita: "Morris, we're ready to ship to Labrador. Same deal as always?"
Morris: "Sure. Where are you going to ship from?"
Anita: "Montreal, same as usual".
Morris: "That's great, and we'll take the stuff from Goose Bay on, but how is it getting to Goose Bay?"
Anita: "Morris, my geography is bad. When I say Labrador, I mean Goose Bay."
Morris: "Yeah, I know. How is the stuff getting to Goose Bay?".
Anita: "Who's on first?".
Bottom line: Air Labrador no longer ships from Quebec to Labrador. The good news is that Ed Fude of Provincial Airlines has stepped in on this shipment. Guess how much stuff they are shipping.
An unbelieveable 200 pounds. That's how much those four boxes weigh.
So tomorrow afternoon, we drive Ottawa-Montreal, drop off the shipment, and drive back - home by dinner, I hope.
As for the December shipment - we've got lots of coals in the fire - we're just working on the best approach to get the stuff to the northern communities. Do you want to hear the dramatic play by play, or just the outcome once its all resolved?
Guys, from our hearts to yours - thank you so so much for taking the time out of your lives to put together all of the beautiful things that are going to the Innu kids - you're warming them, and letting know that they matter. What a gift.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Patricia of Toronto

Here are some great socks that Patricia sent in. I did a close-up of my favorite pair. Patricia, we are packing like crazy and will get these in the boxes.