Sunday, August 21, 2016

Getting Ready for September...

So at the same time as we are getting ready for the shipment to Kugluktuk, we have heard from Cape Dorset - looks like we'll be shipping there soon, so get your needles ready.

To all of you who have contributed sinew, fabric, fur, tools and beads, thank you thank you thank you! Your items are very appreciated - whenever we can contribute craft materials, it makes someone's day.

Without further ado here are some pics:

Peggy Wallace, thanks for these hats for Jimmy Hikok - great yearn!

Mwachen of Burnaby BC, thank you so much for the 40 tape measures!   I will pass them onto Baffin Larga!  The sweater is gorgeous.

Wentheknitter's colleague Paulette's mom, Joan made these.  Thanks Joan!

Good things happen on Davenport Road in Waterloo.

Jackie Lambert of West Richland WA: we love Jackie - she has been an amazing contributor but also cheering section since the early days of WHN.  Thank you!

Thank you Peggy Wallace for the second box (and also for the fabric).  drpeg, you are special to us.

Beth Jelel of Alberta.  Welcome!  We appreciated both the beading supplies and the hats and mitts.

Truth time: Atopbing, are these from you?  Thank you so much - socks are our item that are in the most demand.  

Blankets from Wen: thank you!

Great vests, hats, neck warmers from Wen.  Thank you Wen!

All of the items below and the sweater above came from the Purple Sock, and the prolific Anne of Victoria Harbour.  Thank you, Anne and the Purple Sock!