Sunday, February 12, 2017

Tenth Anniversary Virtual Celebrations

So packing night was big fun for lots of reasons.  One of them, though, was we filmed a "one-minute movie" which we will post, as a tenth anniversary present to all of you.  Often, we get messages from you lovely contributors saying that you wish you could be at packing night - so guess what?  You all came last Friday!  I won't say much more - suspense.

So we have two other tenth anniversary virtual celebrations:

1. We are going to keep a rav thread for contributors to the project this year, and have a draw later this year for some knitting-related prizes.  More on that soon!

2. This winter, we are challenging all of you fab knitters and crocheters to incorporate a sky-blue (WHN logo colour) stripe in one of the items you make - doesn't matter what it is, doesn't matter how big the stripe is.  A cool and cheery way to create some unity in what we ship!

Of course we packed and packed and packed on Friday.  6 HEAVY boxes ready for Cape Dorset.  In addition I dropped off 5 MASSIVE bags of your stuff to Baffin Larga this weekend.  I will let you know when I hear back.

So our next shipping dates:  Unfortunately the doctors are not going up again until very early may so our next shipping deadline will be about mid-April.  Can we agree on April 15th?  The good news is that they will go up again in June so we'll be able to get a bunch done at that time.

Here are some pics of your beautiful stuff (given the sheer volume, I'm just going to say thank you all you amazing people, up front, and provide creds below.  BTW, if you dropped off at Yarn Forward recently, I will get to your photos soon, but I'm thanking you in advance):

Marie Paul, Burnaby Public Library Knitters, Burnaby, BC

Janet Wright, Fredricton, NB

Veronica MacDonald, Thunder Bay, ON

Olive Wade (OmaW on rav), Moncton, NB

Tobin (Barb and Kathy) in Montreal, QC

Jackie Lambert, West Richland, WA

Orlena Gilmore, Belton, MO

Deborah of Ottawa

Veronica MacDonald, Thunder Bay, ON

Margaret Bradford, Ottawa ON

More from Margaret Bradford!

Atopbing (Anna Bing) of Morrisburg, ON

Jennifer Hayden (rav name pedestrianwolf), Hebron, IL

Janet Smith, Gravenhurst, ON (the Huntsville gang).

Purls of Wisdom - the Innovation Science queens

wentheknitter of Ottawa

more from the lovely ladies of Purls of Wisdom

Mary Liechty of Goshen, IN

Christine Ellam of Ottawa

Wentheknitter of Ottawa

Rebecca of Ottawa

the amazing Carlene of Ottawa

Anne Saint of Victoria Harbour, ON

the amazing Claudette's blankets

The wonderfully prolific Claudette of Ottawa

More by Claudette of Ottawa

Rita, who also provided a fur coat.  Thanks, Rita for this and the packing help!

My darling Suzanne Atkinson

Claire Sheen

Thanks Kathy!

Catriona blucanoe of Ottawa

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Thanks from Larga

Happy New Year!  I want to let you know two things:

1. The kits and everything else you made for Larga this year were very well received.  Here is a note from our liaison there:

Thank you again for the sewing supplies, materials and furs that you have supplied over the past year. It is difficult to put into words how much these items are used and appreciated. Our ladies have made many things from fur mittens to amauti's, all of which are used by family and friends back in Nunavut. It has been a wonderful experience for all and certainly provides a great therapeutic value to the overall healing journey of our patients. The most recent donation was enthusiastically received by the many patients who benefited from‎ these items. Thank you to everyone involved in this project. Amazing!!

2.  I don't know if I ever told you about where your stuff goes when it goes up with the ENTs.  I got this note from our contact there: 

Olive Wade of Moncton, NB, I didn't open your sweaters because they were packed with hats.  Thank you!

J McKiltrick of Edmonton AB, I think this is your first contribution, thank you.

Ok, our favourite Washingtonian, Jackie Lambert, sent us these super warm socks.  She wrote "With love" on the card.   Jackie, WHN is loving you right back.

Don't you love Dr Peg?  Peggy Wallace of Oakville ON sent us all of these neck warmers and socks, along with a beautiful sewing basket and some crafting stuff for Larga.  Peggy, I absolutely loved the sewing basket.  I want to show it to the gang on packing night.  Its kind of art.

Sabrina (Knitphomaniac) of Mississauga is a regular now.  Thanks Sabrina!

Wendy Genge of Smoky Lake AB sent us these warm hats and sweaters (the ones below are hers too).

Okay so now I have a problem with the last few.  Maria Koulis are these yours?  Maria dropped by just as I was packing and I got a bit discombobulated in my labelling.  Maria, the hound loved you.