Sunday, April 29, 2012

October 2012, here we come!

This hat a sweater came from Karen Zorn of Saskatchewan.  The items below came from her as well.  Karen, I took pictures outside because I thought natural sunlight would make the pinks show up on-screen more nicely.  Clearly my deck needs staining.

What a cute little baby outfit from Muffey (aka Vivienne Shishakly from St. Lazare Quebec)!

The sock and sweater above are from Muffey too.  Thanks, Vivienne!

Okay I am not sure how this happened, but the envelope said Toronto, yet when I opened the parcel, the items were labelled as being from the Drachenwolle posse.  I'm sure there's a story here that I'm not quite following.  These socks and the ones below are from Nattie, AKA linkemasche from Cambridge, UK.  Thank you Nattie, we love the Drachenwolle group.

As I've been sitting here, looking at the empty hole where all of my WHN inventory normally sits, in pop 3 lovely packages this week!    Check out the items above.  In terms of the fall 2012 project, we've got some quick info:

1. I bought a bunch of great winter boots at a ridiculous price this year, so we will be sending boots up with our warm woolies which is fantastic.

2.  First Air is in again - yahoo! 

3.  Gjoa Haven, Rankin Inlet, and Moosonee have all requested repeat shipments which is wonderful.  All items we sent last we were distributed, but as we know, kids get older each year, and hats, mittens and especially socks are much appreciated.  We have sent them a message requesting additional info/details, which we will post.  In the meantime, please keep knitting!