Monday, February 15, 2016

Italian Knitters, News from Whales Cove and Jimmy Hikok and Baffin Larga

So much to say, I'm afraid I'm going to forget some things (Suzanne, Carlene and company, feel free to let me know what I have missed.

1.  News from Whale Cove

I received a beautiful package in the mail - don't know if you remember, but the Kiwanis generously sponsored that shipment.  We shopped enough hats, mittens, neck warmers and scarves to keep the school very happy.  I thought you might appreciate a photo of some of the little cards made by the kids to say thank you to all of you.  If I could send them to each and every one of you, I would.  Lots of kids drew tiny inukshuks on the pictures.  Love.

2.  Remember we had the amazing sponsorship from Canadian North?  These guys are surely the best partners you could ever have.  The shipment to Jimmy Hikok school was 7 boxes weighing more than 250 pounds.  That is a lot of knitting, people.  It took two trips to get them to the airport.  When I got to Canadian North Cargo, I was fighting to lift one box out of the car.  In that time, Megan who works for lifted 3 and brought them into the bay.  Here she is (you can't see me because I'm doubled over, wheezing).

We got a lovely email from the principal.  She mentioned that she just got the boxes and is very very happy - she's going to start distributing and send us a message with an update soon.  Can't wait!

3.  In the midst of the craziness that is January, I got an email from a sweet lady representing knitters from the Italian community.  I think her name was Maria.  Maria, forgive me but I have misplaced your email.  When we got the packages from your group, I called the number that was on the card and left a message.  Please extend my heartfelt thanks to your community of knitters - all of their items were shipped already.

4. What else?  We dropped off a ton of blankets to Larga Baffin's new complex.  I got a message back already that they have all been distributed - there must have been 70 blankets there, and I also added in some of the baby clothes, as there are sometimes moms who come South to have their babies.  

5. What else?  Oh, we're doing a cool project with the Kiwanis of Orleans!   I'll tell you about it next time  (hint: 80 pounds of fur).

6. And finally, your beautiful knits, recently received are below.  The docs are going north in June.  I think what we will do is provide some more of your hand knits to Larga, perhaps to start.  I don't know if its the weather but June seems a looooong way away.  Maybe we should start working on something sooner?  Should we start making some calls?  Its still cold in April where we ship...Let me know what you think.

Did you know that there are more than 500 of you WarmHanders?  Sounds crazy doesn't it?  Thank you to all of you for making life a little sweeter for me, and for Jeanine, Carlene, Suzanne, Janet, Claire, Amy, Catriona (I'm sure I've missed lots) and for Canadian kids in the North.  From us to you - mwah.

Plentimawfish of Waterloo ON sent in these colourful hats - very cute.

These are from apenny of Ottawa.  Neckwarmers are always appreciated, and love the little set on the left.

wentheknitter not only tags her stuff beautifully, she also puts a tiny sticker on each card - remember being a kid and loving stickers?  I had the Snoopy ones and the Ziggy ones.  What ever happened to Ziggy?  Ok, Anita, focus.

Someone sent a bag full of sweater vests.  No name but much appreciated.  Thank you!

Marnie Wellar of Ottawa, thank you so much for both the hats and the box of bags - they are so handy on packing night!