Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Sewing Box is Filling Up

So I am behind on opening, tagging and uploading all of the amazing stuff you've been sending in, both knitted and sewn for our Larga crafting project.  I didn't take pictures of all of the sewing materials but let me give you a huge thank you!  We have received so many amazing things.  In fact, if we have more beads, thread, sewing wallets and bags than we need for Larga, I will ship them to the Iqaluit sewing project - I will be lunching with the head of the project tomorrow, and promise to share more info.

Also, I got a lovely email from our contact in Cape Dorset - he got the stuff.  Most of our shipment last month went to the Jimmy Hikok school, so I'm hoping we can provide a bigger shipment to Cape Dorset around the end of January - they have lots of kids there, with 2 schools - all of your beautiful things will get well-used.

Just a caveat before looking at the photos below: I still have some boxes left to open, but here we go with what I opened so far:

M Rosamond of Waterloo ON sent us these super warm hats.  Each one is different and lovely.

The two booties came in a box labelled Streetsville ON.  The purple blanket came from a mystery contributor.  

I love the ladies of Huntsville!  Karen McCaskill, Bernice Smith and Janet Smith made these amazing quilts.  They are beautiful - ladies, they will be so loved and appreciated!  The Ladies Who Quilt also sent us the beautiful sewing and knitting bags below.  The bags will be so appreciated at Larga Baffin!
Tracy in Burlington sent us these great hats and socks.  Tracy, are you on revelry?  Would love to give you credit!

This pretty blue sweater came from Goshen Indiana - there was no name attached.  Goshen, let me know who you are, because you're our first contribution from the land of the Indy500 and I want to give you cred.

Oma Wade (Olive) in Moncton NB - is this your first contribution?  I think it is, and you knocked it out of the park!  I didn't want to take everything out of the packaging - the blue sweater is beautiful though!

Sandra MacDonald of Stirling ON sent in these great patterned hats and socks.  Thank you!

Helga Koros of Germany sent in these great green booties.  Her blog is at

My girl Jeanine (DouceAubergine) dropped off these great sewing bags as well as the needle wallets above - they are perfect, Douce!

Lancie Chochinov of Ottawa dropped off these great mittens and hats

....And more from the Ladies who Quilt of Huntsville!  Karen, Janet and Bernice - these neck warmers are amazing!  And the socks and hats below - wow!

So these neck warmers came from Joanne Lacroix, aka Jody in Virginia, aka ravname Bettysgirl.  They are so cozy - I couldn't resist trying one on.

Lynn Walma has been with us for almost forever.  I have a real soft spot for her socks - each one is perfect.  Thank you for the sewing stuff as well, Lynn!

And these beautiful sewing bags came from B Stevens of Toronto ON (quilter28 on revelry).  Bev, thank you for the bags above, the booties below, and the other bags, also pictured!

And finally, these hats and mittens came simply addressed "For Northern Kids".  Whoever you are, thank you for thinking of Northern kids!