Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Packing Night June 2015

Another packing night came and went last Friday.  Pizza, white wine, red wine, banana bread.  Was there packing in there?  Oh yeah!

So two boxes will be on their way to Iqaluit with our doctors this weekend.  The remainder will go to Resolute Bay and Cape Dorset.  Pawing through the items, I was impressed by the number of hats and neck warmers made for the "Tyler's Hats" campaign.  Thank you so much for that - near the end of this post, you'll see Tyler's hats all together.

Suzanne, Jeanine, Amy, Carlene, Claire and Julia: thanks for a great evening!

This soft grey blanket was made by Carlene's mom - Carlene Senior.  I think every person tried to wrap it around themselves.

These mittens came in a box labelled "Rourke, Canmore AB".  Thanks, Rourke!

Jackie Lambert from West Richland, WA is a regular with us.  These mittens and socks were made by her.

Not sure if you can see these hats with the cute appliqués on them, so I took a close up of one of them, below.  Margaret Bradford, of Ottawa ON: the kids will love them.

Sabrina (Knitphomaniac) of Mississauga ON made this sweater and the cute pink monkey.  

OK here is what you're not seeing:  Nandini of Brooklyn (20cfrog on Rav) made these neck-warmers, but there aren't just 8 of them.  There are 98 - piled in this picture.

3 hats by Melanie Achen of Burnaby BC.  Love the pom-pom, Melanie!

My friend Margaret of Ottawa dropped these off.  Her note said "Made by my neighbour Muriel who is 90 years young".  Thanks, Muriel!

Okay, I love these.  These are quilts made by Marnie Fielding of Ottawa.  The quilts each have different pictures of animals in the wild.  They are just amazing and the toddler who gets them will be so lucky.

Laurie Kingston, you are a fabulous woman.  Laurie has her own blog and in the middle of living each day, had time to think of some kids who will love love love her beautiful items.  Laurie: just your average super-hero.

Margaret Mitchell of Richmond ON put together these baby toys as well as the blankets.  Thanks, Margaret!

Carolyn Maize of Knoxville MD made these gorgeous and intricate hats and thrummed mittens.

Jenny Hidd of Ottawa: thank you!  Claire met Jenny on a First Air flight a few months ago, at the same time as Warm Hands was featured in First Air Magazine.  Serendipity or what?

Jenny's hats: on my notes, I just wrote "tons of hats, about 40".  

Bonnie Belanger (panther) is a lifer with Warm Hands.  Bonnie, if you can ever make it to a packing night, you always have an open invitation with us - I'd love to put a face to the panther name.  Bonnie wrote: "the two blankets I assembled were from squares made by Constantmac and anforcione".  Thanks to all 3 of you!

Wendy (wentheknitter) made these 3 blankets , the sweater and many many hats.  Thanks, Wen!

Bonnie Belanger: thanks very much for the blanket.  Its big and beautiful.

Rebecca of Ottawa made these cute baby mittens.  Very very sweet.

The neck warmers were made by Kathie of Ottawa.  Thanks, Kathie!

Our Suzanne (suzanneknitter) made these warm warm mittens and socks.  S, you know thank you isn't enough for everything you do.  Love.

Becky of Unravelled in Perth ON, made these two hats.  Becky, I don't know how you run a business and have time to contribute to Warm Hands but we really appreciate it!

The lovely traveller-slash-bagpiper-slash-event organizer-slash-volunteer made this blanket.  Art.

Rebecca Whitman of Westport ON, great job!

Claudette (Marie-Claude), you know we always love getting your stuff.  Karen, just so you know, Claudette made a special group of Tyler's hats.  She is a wonder.

More from Claudette.  Love you!

After all boxes were opened, we decided to take a picture of the beautiful tyler hats: teal/blue and purple.  The talent is overwhelming.  So is the love.  Tyler, I believe that you are looking down at these beautiful things made in your honour.  They are a hug from you to other Canadian kids.  We wish you peace, buddy.

Anna (Atopbing) of Morrisburg ON made these amazing socks.  Anna, we always love receiving socks.  Its the thing that every community says ("send more socks!").

Jeanine Turcotte (douceaubergine) is the best.  She was one of the original WarmHanders.  As usual, she knitted up a storm for ourselves, as well as other projects.

The Ottawa Knitters' Guild made this assortment of socks, hats and sweaters.  Thank you!

Rosemarie Morris of Ottawa ON made these socks and the hat.  Beautiful!

These came from C & R Jackson of Ottawa.  Warm!