Monday, June 19, 2017


The sun is shining (most times) and the birds are singing outside my window, as I madly photograph and pack.  I received an email from the docs on Thursday letting me know they were flying out on Sunday - my fault, forgot to get their schedule.  I scrambled and packed up all of your things, including yarn.  All of the items below are on a plane right now.  The cupboards are now bare!

Please forgive the photo quality!  I couldn't find my battery charger, so I used my phone to take these pics - not quite perfect.  As usual, please accept my warm thanks for everything you contributed - I'm just going to roll credits...


Wendy Genge, Smoky Lake, AB, has contributed so much over the years, thank you!

Janet Wright contributed these items for one lucky prize winner (the monthly rav contest). Thanks, Janet!

Janet Wright of NB is a great WHN partner.

Sabrina (Knitphomaniac) of Toronto, ON

Jackie Lambert (JCL), West Richland, WA

WentheKnitter in Ottawa (Thanks, always, Wen!)
Karen Zorn, Bredenbury, SK is a lifer with WHN - we love her socks!

Nicole Sweeting, Toronto, ON - a lovely set

A contribution from Waterloo, ON.  Thanks!
Anne Saint of Victoria Harbour, ON, made these and the items below.  Anne, my photo doesn't do your stuff justice.

These were made by Linda, a friend of CraftyEllam's in Ottawa.

Don't think there was a label on these...

Tracey in Burlington ON (Lingfing) - thank you!

WentheKnitter - I think these are yours - thank you!

A Clark of Ottawa, thanks!