Sunday, March 30, 2014

BC, CT, Germany and Igloolik

We woke up this morning to yet another dump of snow.  While half of me is holding a pity-party, the other half is thinking about our friends up in Igloolik who are still dealing with -25 degree weather.  In June, they will be experiencing +4 which is what we are going to have today.

So we got a couple of lovely emails from Igloolik this week - they got our "welcome" box that we sent about a month ago, which is nice.  Apparently your lovely stuff went out the day it was received, which is something I LOVE hearing.  We got some stories about a grand-mother who didn't have anything to give her newborn great-grandchildren, and found something perfect in the box.  Hunters are wearing socks and mittens as liners in caribou skin boots - also great to hear.

So bottom line, we put out the request to the lovely folks at First Air who have agreed to put through another shipment - love those guys!  Bottom line is that the cupboard will once again be bare once this shipment goes out - a great position to be in, as it means all your great stuff is being worn and appreciated.

And without further ado, here is the last set of boxes that came in the mail:

These 2 balakavas are from Melanie Acher of Burnaby BC - thanks, Melanie!

Pegg Prestage of Newington, CT: thank you for your beautiful items,  especially the psychedelic socks.

All the way from S D'Onofrio in Stuttgart Germany, comes the blankets above and below, as well as the little hats and neck warmers.  My photos don't do the blankets justice - the flowers are actually crochetted on.