Sunday, December 14, 2014

Your knitting in Igloolik

Hi everyone,

I am a bit rushed but wanted to post some photos I received this week from Igloolik.  I have to tell you, its so strange to see the boxes that were just in my dining room getting to the destination.  I can even read my hand-writing on the boxes.  It just seems so "real".

People, you did good.

Have a wonderful holiday, filled with loved ones and craziness but also, every once in awhile, pause, and give yourselves a hug because this year, you made some Northern kids feel like they matter.  We got a photo of the twins receiving their bags of your knitting.  I haven't posted the picture to protect their privacy but the smiles on their faces was just lovely - they were clearly very very happy.

Picking up the boxes at First Air Cargo

loading them on the truck at the airport

Can you see snowmobiles in the background?

Jonah holding the boxes.

Carrying the boxes into the house of our wonderful community contact.

More boxes getting carried!

And more - it makes me laugh that they took pictures of each box separately.

…And Jonah inside the house, posing with the boxes.  Love.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Replies to Arviat

I am floored by the events of November and December 2014.  Here's how it went:

November shipment to Igloolik orphans + overflow: 90 pounds
Cape Dorset: 18 pounds
Iqaluit Women's Shelter: 50 pounds
Arviat: 44 pounds

Total: 202 pounds

Think about how little a hat weighs.  The idea that you made so many knitted items in such a short period is staggering.

I put the call out for Arviat and the women and children's shelters of Iqaluit about 4 weeks ago.  I think that the email from the teacher in Arviat was a particularly poignant call for help - and you replied with your usual warm hands and warm hearts.  I am especially floored because so many of you would be knitting for Christmas at the same time as you turned your mind to these kids.  And here's the truth:  the original plan was to send the items up with kalyle's friend ( I was thinking maybe we'd get 25 hats).  But your overwhelming response meant that we had to get the items upto Arviat via cargo, and that's when First Air once again came to the rescue.  How many times can I say how much I love those folks?  They do so much for northern communities, not just with us but with several other projects.

On Friday, we sent an extra-large suitcase of clothing + toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes and hand cremes up to the women's shelter, via the Northern Shopper, our new BFF's.

This weekend, I packed boxes for Arviat - they asked and you delivered.  We are shipping over 130 hats, along with mittens, neck warmers and sweaters, all for the JK to Grade 5 set.

On Monday, Carlene and I will meet with kalyle's friend from Iqaluit for a quick drink (if all works well), and do some brain-storming as well as fact-finding about the communities with which we want to connect.

By the way, I got an email from Mike from Cape Dorset Friday:  he has tracked your box to Iqaluit, but is waiting for it out to get out of there, and onto a small play to Cape Dorset.  Weather can be tricky, and the Christmas flights are crowded: I'm very hopeful that it gets to them next week - will let you know when I know.

Without further ado, here's some of what we got recently for Arviat and the shelters:

These mittens and socks are from Douce Aubergine, Jeannine - she always delivers the goods.  Jeannine, thank you so much for the toothpaste and toiletries - they have gone to the shelter, where they will make some women and children a bit more comfortable.

M Riccotone of Stoney Creek is relatively new to the project (has it been 2 years), but man, is she prolific.  The hats and sweater of hers, below, will be well appreciated in Arviat.

Janet Wright of Fredricton NB is another one of those incredible women who says "yes" to every campaign, along with keeping the Rav knitters engaged and informed - another one of our lovely mavens.  Thanks Janet - your stuff went in the boxes to Arviat (I also included the fleece neck warmers, which are perfect for underneath a coat).

Okay, I am getting repetitive, but what can I say, Karen Zorn of Bredenbury, SK, you are another Warm Hands rock.  These neck warmers are beautiful.  They will keep so many kids warm, and I loved the pattern - it goes way underneath the neckline of a coat, so its impermeable to cold.  Lovely!

Karen also made these lovelies - warm socks are the best.

And again more from M Riccottone of Stoney Creek - thank you!

Okay, don't mean to brag, but this is another version of the "Eric hat" (you know what I mean) but in a smaller size, made by yours truly.  Yes, two hats in one year.  Give me a cookie.

Suzanne Atkinson of Ottawa has become more than just a knitter - she is a good friend -  the fact that she has many children of her own makes the fact that she puts time aside to knit for us a small miracle.

Suzanne hats - thanks, Suzanne's husband, for dropping them off!

These beautiful hats are from rammy on Ravelry.  They will go to Arviat - thank you!

And today, I opened boxes from Wendy Piper (rav name Wentheknitter).  She found us thanks to the CBC coverage last month.  I opened the bags and took the pictures, and now I am crazy about Wentheknitter.  Wendy, your hats are so warm, that both my kids could not stop trying them on.  My pictures (above and below) don't do them justice at all!  And thank you so much for the neck warmers.  Because of our correspondence, I'd been keeping the boxes for Arviat open and waiting for your knits.  Will get them up there and in circulation ASAP.  Thank you again, from the bottom of my Warm Heart.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Map and A Link to the CBC Radio Interview

Two things, as I rush to clean the dinner dishes and pack boxes of your lovely knitting:

1. Here is a map that Carlene put together of all of the places to which we have shipped boxes over the years.  Cool, eh?  If you squint and look at the Warm Hands HQ, you can see us waving at you.

The other thing is that I never posted the link to the CBC radio interview.  So here it is - you can hear us admiring your stuff in the background: