Sunday, December 14, 2014

Your knitting in Igloolik

Hi everyone,

I am a bit rushed but wanted to post some photos I received this week from Igloolik.  I have to tell you, its so strange to see the boxes that were just in my dining room getting to the destination.  I can even read my hand-writing on the boxes.  It just seems so "real".

People, you did good.

Have a wonderful holiday, filled with loved ones and craziness but also, every once in awhile, pause, and give yourselves a hug because this year, you made some Northern kids feel like they matter.  We got a photo of the twins receiving their bags of your knitting.  I haven't posted the picture to protect their privacy but the smiles on their faces was just lovely - they were clearly very very happy.

Picking up the boxes at First Air Cargo

loading them on the truck at the airport

Can you see snowmobiles in the background?

Jonah holding the boxes.

Carrying the boxes into the house of our wonderful community contact.

More boxes getting carried!

And more - it makes me laugh that they took pictures of each box separately.

…And Jonah inside the house, posing with the boxes.  Love.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. It is like a hug back from Igloolik!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! So heart-warming (and off-topic, but sheesh that guy in the First Air toque is fine!)