Thursday, August 30, 2007

We Hit 100 for afghans for Afghans

Yay! We will be shipping our 100th item for afghans for Afghans in our next box. Thanks to all the contributors - give yourselves a collective pat on the back! By the way, we'll still be collecting items for afghans so that we can put together one other box in September.

Our next initiative is for the Innu kids - the holiday project.
I posted a picture of the afore-mentioned goober above.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thanks May!

May Chow dropped off 9 beautiful hats last week, which we will include in the afghans for Afghans shipment. Here's a photo of one of them. I hung the hat on my hops vine - planted it this year and its already growing like crazy. Don't know why the morning glory doesn't do the same thing - its in the same place. Anybody know?

What else? Oh yes, we got a dog. Well, borrowed a dog from our neighbors for a week, as a pilot project. Let's just say he's not going back home in the mint condition in which he arrived. Is it possible to over-love a doggie? We've lived in the dog park for the last week, he now sleeps on the bed (sorry, Christine!), begs for scraps and kisses the kids all the time. I will post a picture of the goober later.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We Love Air Labrador

I contacted Morris Earle, Cargo Manager with Air Labrador to ask him if there was some way that he could get our hand knit items to Natuashish, our Innu Community.

Within 24 hours, I got a response back telling me that he would put it forward to the Executive Committee, as (in his words) "we always take these requests seriously, and we will be a helping hand."
The Executive Committee gave us a thumbs up, thanks to Mr. Earle. He and his crew will be shipping our boxes from Montreal to Natuashish, where they will be picked up by the Next Generation Guardians and distributed.
My friends, for us, this is huge. This means that we might actually be able to move beyond shipping only hand knit items at Christmas. Maybe we can send some snowsuits, maybe some books, maybe toys...Amy and I will be contacting the community to see what the kiddies need the most. In the mean-time, if anyone out there has a lead on some kids items (preferably new) that we could ship, drop us a line.
Air Labrador flies out of Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador and ship cargo as well as people (charter and scheduled flights). Thanks, Air Labrador, and Morris!

Monday, August 6, 2007

a bit of knitting

I played hooky from a number of things this weekend, but I did enjoy myself! We spent time at a friend's cabin, and then at my parent's place. A friend is knitting a hat, which is just about finished, and I have been working on a few things. Here are some WIP pictures. I am thinking I need to get better at knitting in the round, or on DPNs - I stick to regular needles and then have to sew up the sides. Short seams, though, on hats for little ones. Here is my little one trying on the hats. He now has extracted a promise from me to knit him a hat. My mother in law just gave me a georgeous green yarn - I will ask for a reminder of the source because it's beautiful. So, he will have one, in due course. Knitting small hats works for me just now - I am keen on projects I can complete (in direct contrast to projects at work which seem endless)!
I couldn't resist the sailing picture - the men were sailing while we sat with gin & tonic on the dock, lifeguarding the children and knitting on an absolutely glorious day.