Monday, August 6, 2007

a bit of knitting

I played hooky from a number of things this weekend, but I did enjoy myself! We spent time at a friend's cabin, and then at my parent's place. A friend is knitting a hat, which is just about finished, and I have been working on a few things. Here are some WIP pictures. I am thinking I need to get better at knitting in the round, or on DPNs - I stick to regular needles and then have to sew up the sides. Short seams, though, on hats for little ones. Here is my little one trying on the hats. He now has extracted a promise from me to knit him a hat. My mother in law just gave me a georgeous green yarn - I will ask for a reminder of the source because it's beautiful. So, he will have one, in due course. Knitting small hats works for me just now - I am keen on projects I can complete (in direct contrast to projects at work which seem endless)!
I couldn't resist the sailing picture - the men were sailing while we sat with gin & tonic on the dock, lifeguarding the children and knitting on an absolutely glorious day.

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Holly Burnham said...

Sweet little boy....cute hat.