Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lois, Sabrina and Vivienne

So the January knitting season is upon us!  I am starting to get packages already for the January 2013 shipment.  Here are 2 sets of socks from Sabrina Thompson of Knit Yours Knot Mine.  Sabrina has a zibbet site as well.  On Ravelry, I love her name:  Knitphomaniac!

And here are some photos from Vivenne Sishakly of St. Lazare(Muffy on Ravelry:  okay I am spotting a trend of cute Ravelry names - wish I'd thought more about mine:  Warm Hands sounds like it could be a little dirty...

Vivienne also sent in this beautiful baby set - V, I have kept all of the items wrapped up and together so that they will be considered "a set" for a new mother.  Many thanks.

And finally, Lois Manton of Montreal Quebec.  Lois has mitten fever and sent in a wopping 50 pairs of handknit mittens, all beautifully packaged.  I took a picture of a bunch here but I didn't want to take them out of their packaging, so after ooing and aaahing, I picked my favorite one...

....and here it is.   Lois, thank you so much and I hope that you keep sending in your stuff, because we love it!