Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bags and Bags

For the past two weeks, I've been receiving a few boxes in the mail - every few days, a few more trickle in.  This week, though, I got a call from Yarn Forward to pick up and Carlene dropped by with items that she got from KnitKnackers.  All I can say is wow!

Usually we only photograph those knit ties which have a name on them, but I saw these with the WHN label and couldn't resist.  They were thrummed and beautiful.

This bedspread also came from Yarn Forward without a name.  What you can't tell is that its huuuuge.  Mystery contributor: thank you!

Dorothy Langill of Ottawa sent in about 30 vests - here is a photograph of a subset of them.

The AEPC knitting group sent in these hats and the socks below.  The also sent us a photo of them knitting together - what a prolific and beautiful bunch!

These slippers and hat came from Tracy in Burlington.  Thanks, Tracy!

Once again, a ton of amazing vests, but no name.  Thank you mystery knitter!

These sweaters came to us from Liechty from Goshen Indiana.  What you can't see are the crayon buttons.  Adorable.

Janet Wright (bus13knitter) sent in these slippers made by Ali.  

…and in a separate box, Janet sent in these slippers and the blanket.  Janet, thank you very much for the yarn and needles, we will drop them off at Larga Baffin.  They are great!

These blankets an socks came from the Knit Knackers crew - can you spot the gingerbread man?  Thank you very much Judith Young, Cheryl Coville and Ella Thomson of Perth!

This weekend, I met Judith Rygel at the Knitters and Weavers Guild of Ottawa.  She put together these very thick and warm hats, and provided us with some yarn for the knitters as well.  Welcome, Judith!

These blankets are from another mystery WHN donor.  Thank you!

Lesley!  I have no idea who you are but you are just incredible!  Lesley dropped off 2 giant bags with thrummed hats.  You can see a sample of them here - the bags above are huge and were shrink-wrapped.  Lesley, please reach out to me via Ravelry.

The pictures above and below make me smile - no need for explanation - they just do.  They come from the "Huntsville gang":  Bernice Smith, Janet Smith and Karen McCaskill.  Ladies, I think this is your second contribution to WHN.  Love them!