Sunday, February 10, 2013

And they're off!

So today, everything is making its way to the post office.  The ladies came over last weekend (here are Claire, Carlene and Suzanne), walking in the door.  We ate, we packed, then we ate some more.  Carlene has already dropped off the boxes to Baffin Larga and the stuff for Gjoa Haven and Moosonee walks out the door today.  The Moosonee kids library project is well on its way, as well, with the wonderful help of Orca Books, Usborne Books and Scholastic.  Yay!

These neckwarmers came to us in a box from Ayr Ontario, but with no name.  Ayr, thank you.

And these are from Kirsten Wiszynski on Ravelry.  Kirstin is a wonderful Canadian living in Umea Sweden.  Thanks, k, for being our first Swedish contributor.

Hat thanks to M Rosamond, Plentimawfish from Waterloo.

Karen Zorn of Churchbridge SK sends stuff in for pretty much every shipment.  We love Karen.  I had to take a closeup of the sweater below because of the bunny buttons...

Knitknackers at Carleton Place contributed this stuff - Knitknackers, I've got to get out to your new locale.!

And here is Claire, holding up the afghan that she made.  It is huge and cosy - she's a friend of Carlene's who came over for her first packing date.  Girl, you fit right into the chaos.  Thank you for coming out!

Jackie Lambert of West Richland, WA - thank you so much for all of the stuff.  In my notes that I use to track for the photos, I just wrote, Jackie - so many things!

More Jackie....

And even more Jackie...

Jeanine (DouceAubergine, also a WH vet), is wearing a blanket from a box that we opened which was sent to us by Nandani Rajagopalan (20cFrog) of NYC.  Thanks, Nandani (we love your stationary, by the way).

My friend Margaret, who escorted the last shipment up to Rankin, delivered these socks, made by her neighbour Muriel. 

This is a stack of stuff from what I wrote down as the "Prayer Shawl People".  Suzanne, do you know any details about this group?  Whoever they are, thank you.

Dianne Suzak of the Ottawa Knitting Guild dropped off these scarves and headbands.

And the sorting begins....

Jeanine Turcotte is a knitter as well as a weaver.  This is one of her beautiful woven blankets.

Marie Claude, a long-time contributor, made a stack of cosy scarves, and blankets.  MC (also known as Claudette), we love your colour choices.  MC also made the blankets below.  My favorite is the red and black one - it pops.

MC also made these slippers, worn by one of our charming show-models.

Slippers again from MC, along with more blankets.

We love boots!  Jeanine and Suzanne brought over these sets of boots, which we stuffed with matching socsk before piling them into the boxes.  Moosonee will be so pleased.

And the table fills up even more... (and you're not seeing what is sorted on 8 chairs and the floor)

A close-up of my favorite Claudette blanket.  See the boxes we are filling in the corner?

Yikes, maybe we underestimated the size of the box, compared to the size of the knitting.  Time to repack!

And we are done, baby!  Time for cake, wine and celebrating.  Another WH success story, thanks to all of you!