Saturday, February 4, 2012

Maddy from Waterloo and the Wool Mill

I got a box from Wendy Mortimer, owner of the Wool Mill, a new yarn store in Toronto.  Not only did they send us these beauties that they collected from a variety of their knitters, but they also have agreed to become a local yarn store drop-off point for the Warm Hands Network.  So you can now drop off your stuff at the following address:
The Wool Mill
2170 Danforth Ave.
(near the Woodbine Station, on the north east side of the intersection of Woodbine Ave. & Danforth Ave.)

Thanks, Wendy!

The beauties below come from the lovely Maddy Rosamond of Waterloo.  She's one of our felting queens.  Maddy, I tried on the hats and they were beautiful and super-cozy.  On Feb 8th, Carlene, Suzanne and Amy are coming over to pack pack pack so we can get the shipment out to Moosonee by the weekend, and so we can also plan for September 2012.  Wine, packing, gossiping, planning, what could be better?