Friday, April 19, 2019

Packing Night Update

March 22nd we had a packing night here at Warm Hands Network HQ. My apologies for the delay in providing this update, but I had a few time-sensitive projects arise, and I've been helping my daughter plan for her upcoming wedding in May.

 After some pizza and treats, we got to work unpacking and sorting many, many bags and boxes. Carlene brought a huge bunch of items that she had collected from contributors in the west end of Ottawa and further afield. I had several boxes here that had trickled in over the past couple of months. We hadn't had a packing night since June (!) due to weather, health, and schedules. It was a nice evening to catch up.

At present, I am awaiting notice from the pediatric physicians for their next trip up north, likely sometime later this spring. Many of the items below will be sent with them. Blankets and slippers are given to Larga Baffin, the local facility that houses Nunavut residents who come to Ottawa for medical treatments. I paid a couple of visits to them this winter with more fur coats, blankets, slippers, and knitting and sewing supplies. All the items are received with great enthusiasm and gratitude.

We know that all of you who contribute your beautiful hand-knitted and crocheted items want to know that they will get where they will be used. We do too! However, because we are dependent on reliable transportation to the communities we serve and a reliable source of distribution, sometimes there is a delay. For example, at present we have boxes awaiting the next trip up with the doctors some time this spring. You may have sent your items in February and they may not get up north until June. That is kind of the nature of how things work here at times, but be assured, your items do get up North, or are brought to Larga Baffin (in the case of blankets and slippers) where they are brought back up north by the recipients. 

We tried something new at packing night, taking photos on a phone. The lighting in my house can be a bit iffy, so my apologies if you find your items are not true to colour. A big thank-you to all who contributed over the past several months.

 A big pile of boxes and bags!!

From Catriona in Ottawa

From Rita in Ottawa

 From Andrea in Ottawa

          Claire and her blanket (There's a story here!)  
For a few years now Claire has been knitting garter stitch squares and giving them to her friend Carlene to seam together. 
This is Claire's first blanket that she knitted, seamed, and 
then crochet-edged -- all on her own. Way to go, Claire!

From Anna in Morrisburg

 From Mary in Almonte - 40 pairs of socks and a 
blanket made with sock yarn oddments

From Lois in Montreal

From Wendy in Alberta

From Wendy in Ottawa

 From Jackie in Washington State

From Bonnie in Nepean (Ottawa)

From Bonnie in Nepean (Ottawa)

 From Mary in Indiana

From the Kirby Knitters in Orono, Ontario

From Rebecca in Ottawa

 From Jeannine in Ottawa

 From Julie in Ottawa

From Pat in Consecon, Ontario