Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wentheknitter and the Schools of Iqaluit & North Dundas High School

Wen the Knitter dropped by tonight and got me chatting, which was fun - she reminded me (without actually reminding me) that I hadn't posted in a long long time.  So here we are!  I have to mention that about 90% of the items below are sitting boxed and shrink-wrapped at my front door.  They are going to Iqaluit this weekend to be distributed through a contact there at the four schools.  I know what you're thinking: 50 pounds between 4 schools?  I'm thinking we might do another box soon.

In between: I think we are sending a box up in early May that will go Ottawa to Iqaluit and Iqaluit to Cambridge Bay - it will be kind of an intro box to see if there is any interest in a little community partnership.

Have I mentioned that we have doctors going up to Iqaluit in June?  Please keep that in the back of your mind - how about a deadline of June 1st?  Please don't worry if you can't make that deadline - we'll do something for September as well.

If I haven't said it lately, you guys are the absolute best.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of you all, and thank my lucky stars that we found each-other.



Janet Wright of Fredricton is a great friend of WHN and contributor.  Thanks as usual!

Thank you, Nicole Sweeting of Toronto

Joanne Lacroix of Taylor's, SC - those mittens are peachy!

Dr Peg of Oakville Ontario, your items are always beautiful and thanks for the needles - I will give them to Larga.

Dr Peg also made the buzzy neck warmer above.

Lisa Bablor of Madison Wisconsin is excellent at hats!

Deborah Hajzak of Cleveland Ohio, thank you - we always love socks.

S Thompson (Knitphomaniac) of Mississauga, Ontario.  Thank you for your contributions.

Jackie Lambert of West Richland Washington is the sock queen.  We love her for many reasons, one of which is that she knits thick. 

Lori Mahar (nannylor) of Kensington, PE, thank you!

A. Saint of Victoria Harbour, ON sent a massive box of stuff.  My picture does not do justice to these sweaters - truly lovely.

And more from A. Saint!

Nicole Sweeting of Toronto ON, sent a separate package.  Thank you!

OK, I am not sure who sent this in, but the label on the box was from Scotland.   Our first Scottish contribution - yay!

Atopbing of Merrickville, ON dropped off these beautiful socks.  Thank you!

Beverley of Toronto, ON sent in these items.

These came from Andrea (aclark4) of Ottawa, ON contributed these items.

Kathy Kihle of Sarnia, ON, thank you!

Khamc sent in these hats and booties.  Thanks!

Okay this is pretty neat - This blanket came from the kids of North Dundas High School.  A teacher at the school had her kids knit the squares, which were later assembled by Audrey Green of Ogdensburg NY.  We always love it when kids contribute, and this blanket was truly beautiful and will be very loved at Larga Baffin.

These pictures came from some items that I picked up at Yarn Forward - no names but much appreciated.

Nancy Martel of Beaconsfield dropped off these items - I particularly love the hat that you see on the bottom left.