Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boxes on their way!

Okay, lots and lots to say this time, so here's a summary:

1. Vic Mitchell, the Mayor of Moosonee, and ED of the Friendship Centre came over for dinner.  I interviewed him and he is unbelievable.  First, he gave me a detail breakdown as to where our stuff goes.  Its quite amazing.  I'll be posting the interview as soon as I get time to transcribe it, but basically, he has a system to ensure that everything gets to the right place.  He first distributes through the maternal health programs, then goes through the schools, then through various other programs (Christmas baskets are used to provide blankets, hats and socks to families in need).  Finally Vic has arranged a deal through Air Creebec, where he ships the remaining items up James Bay to various communities for distribution.  Vic wants our help in setting up a children's library to serve Moosonee/Moose Factory.  I know there's a way, we just need to figure it out - any thoughts?

2.  We packed and packed!  Vic took boxes of boots and winter woolies up north, and yesterday, I brought fourteen (!) boxes to the post office to be sent up to him.  And there's still more!  The reality that these items actually go to Moosonee, Moose Factory plus five more communities means that there is a lot of need that gets met this way.  There are a few more boxes to ship, then we have to get the remaining boxes up to Hannah in Gjoa Haven and Kwedzo in Rankin Inlet through Ed Picco and the wonderful folks at First Air.

3. While we packed, we also did some last minute photographing.  You aren't seeing Carlene's fabulous blankets (she always brings bags and bags), but she took pictures on the Ravelry Group.  Below are also some pictures from Suzanne, Claudette, Janet, Ellen and Mary, as well as Rammy and Wendy.  Thank you, ladies for all of the time and energy and love you put into each of your hand-knits.

So this is Vic and me.  Vic brought a truck to Ottawa, and we filled it with lots and lots of boots, blankets, sweaters and hats.

This is the partially filled section of his car.  Vic was pretty happy to pick up the items now, as the Friendship Centre hosts a Halloween event which gets many many families from the community into the centre.  His plan was to use the party as a way to get hats, sweater, neckwarmers etc tried on and distributed, as all the kiddies would be there.  Great idea, eh?  Vic and I spent a night talking talking talking about why he does what he does, the community in general (80% living below the poverty line), and his hopes for the future.  Right now, the project that he'd like to do is to create a children's library, as there is no library in Moosonee, and he recognizes that unless kids read for entertainment, its very hard to improve literacy.  He's got some space in a Curling Lounge (they have no funding to maintain the ice, so the lounge is now unused).  So I'm putting the word out.  If anyone out there has an idea as to how we can get new (not used) children's books for Moosonee, then let me know - let's work together on this!  I'm visualizing a space that's warm, friendly and has a books for the older kids as well as a few toys for the younger sibs.  How can we make this happen?

Carlene, Amy and I met last Friday for a "packing party", and holy cow was there stuff.  These beautiful blankets came from Suzanne (suzanneknitter).  The colors are striking, and I always love Suzanne's stuff.

Amy took this picture and entitled it "Claudette's mitten mountain".  Claudette we absolutely love your mitts.  The colours are fabulous.  Below is a close-up of some hats doen by Claudette, as well as her labels, which I loved.  I don't know how you do it Claudette, but I'm glad you do it.

These blankets are by Claudette.  They were incredibly cozy (especially the on on the top right and bottom left).  I took this picture standing on a chair, so that I could get as close to the details as possible.  They kind of have a fluffy quality.  Claudette or Suzanne, what kind of yarn was used for these ones?

Janet (bus13knitter) and her sister Ellen and friend Mary (I hope I got that right), sent these items in via Carlene, from New Brunswick.  Janet, we wound up not opening this bag, because you used a vacuum packed one and we wanted to box it exactly like this to save some shipping costs.

Here are some mittens, hats made by the East-coast knitting posse mentioned above.

OK I took a closeup of this hat because it was adorable, and I made my daughter try it on.

The gorgeous icelandic sweater and blanket come from the same group and will be going to Rankin Inlet.

And finally adorable baby bears made by the East coast posse for the Rankin Inlet daycare.  They were so cuddly and cute - perfect for a newborn's tiny hand.

Oops, one more!  These blankets also came from Janet, Ellen and May.  Janet, we almost just forwarded your boxes up north because they were so tightly packaged, we were afraid that we'd never be able to get them back in again, but then decided against it and I'm glad we did.

Look!  Its a bag of carrots for the Rankin Inlet daycare, from Rammy!

...and finally, Wendy Lindquist of Jersey City sent in these two hats.  Thanks Wendy!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Critters from Alex

Four baby owls to go to Rankin Inlet

My favorite from Alex - the snake was curled around everything.
And finally the last set is from Jeanine.  Thanks for dropping by, J and the chit-chat!

So Jeanine came over today, to drop off some amazing stuff.  She had her own stuff, but in addition, there was a package of toys that were dropped off at her place by Fiona and her 12 (!) year-old daughter Alex.  Alex, you've definitely got a talent.