Sunday, January 14, 2018

Boxes to Iqaluit

This weekend, I packed another 90 pounds worth of your stuff and dropped them off.  By now, they should be winging their way to Iqaluit.  Just before Christmas, I did a drop off with a partner who carried items to Iqaluit to be shipped onwards.  She sent me a note telling me that the baby things went to the new moms, the adult hats went to shelters, and she sent the remaining items to Arviat, and will send a few more to Cambridge Bay.

The photos below are of single items from the boxes and bags that you shipped.  Have I mentioned that you're all great?  I have reverted to taking photos of just one or two things from each box (in the interest of time!) but rest assured that all are opened, admired and appreciated.

Jackie Lambert (thanks for the sweet note, as usual, J).

WentheKnitter, Ottawa

Bernice or Janet Smith and Karen McCaskill (our favourite ladies of the Hunt)

Sabrina (Knitphomaniac of Mississauga) and her hand dyed yarn (thank you!)

Beverley Stevens (Toronto ON).  B, they came too late for Jimmy Hikok, but I have sent them on to Iqaluit.

Jeanine McQueen of Fredricton, NB

Rita Pilon of Ottawa

Wendy Genge of Smoky Lake, AB (W thank you for the school's worth of stuff, and for addressing us as "GIRLS!!!!").

Ottawa Knitting Guild

Happy Hands Knitters of Invermere, BC

Lauretta Barber (Cozy Hands)

Shirley Milligan, Nanimo, BC

The knitters of Alexandria, ON