Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ohio, Saskatchewan and Connecticut

Its been awhile my knitting and crochetting peeps!  Things have been quiet on the Warm Hands front, as kids (and grown-ups, and dogs) start their summers.  Yet in the middle of these over 40 degree steamers, knitting arrives from distant places!

I've let them accumulate, and now I'm in picture taking mode, so without further ado...

Tammy Morrow of Marietta Ohio (otherwise known as PMS Flowerlady, a name that I love, given that I almost rip my DH's head off last week, just sayin') sent in this great pink stripey blanket.

And the socks above and the hats below are from Karen Zorn of Churchbridge SK.  Karen, what's your rav name??? The pink socks are my favorite.


And finally, I got tons and tons of neckwarmers and socks from Linda of Connecticut (aka Linda74).  Linda, I looooooved reading about the creation of these items here  and here and here and even here.  The items are fantastic and will be shipped up to Moosonee and Gjoa Haven, I think.  Then again, I've apparently got a meeting in August with an Inuit clinic here in Ottawa.  One of the clinic heads has a mum up north who has said she will be the distributor for us - she's a well respected elder in the community and will help a lot. Unfortunately, I don't speak Inuk and she doesn't speak English but why should that stop us?  We'll figure it out!

So everyone, keep up the great work through the steamy season.  I hate to say it but September will be here soon, and by the end of the month, I know I'll be getting messages from Moosonee telling me that snow has hit James Bay.  By then, your stuff will be chugging (or zooming) its way up north.

Thanks again!