Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Graphic Designer

Lynn Walma is the Warm Hands graphic designer - and every shipment, she makes time to send us a haul as well. We love Lynn! Above are a sample of her items. Lynn, I do have one grievance: I'm working on a crochet blanket right now, and my boy was watching me take pictures of your stuff. He took a look at your stunning flower crochet and said, "why can't you do something like that?" Um, because I only know one stitch and can only crochet in a straight line. Can you please comment though and let me know where you got the flower pattern? The back is just as pretty as the front.

I also took a pic of the tag that you made (Carlene, it has the website on it!).

It came from Japan Part 4...

Barbara Dreher is the Japanese-Canadian connection. I absolutely loved the items you sent in Obassan, and I have to tell you that this is the first time I've seen the labels actually sewn in and you're making me think that I'd better get that started if we're going to make our October shipping deadlines. Yikes!

The neckwarmers are fabulous - a couple of the communities asked for them because the kids are out hunting or ice-fishing for extended periods and need warmer clothing. Thanks Barbara!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

From Kamloops to Bedford...

Finally, I am back in town and get to open the boxes that have started to pile up! thought we`d start with a ``from east to west`kinda story.
The picture above is from Kathleen Walling of Bedford, Nova Scotia. Kathleen, you need to come to Ottawa and help us pack because I have no idea how you got such a ton of stuff in such a small box. It exploded when I opened it. The pics below are an attempt at my being arty with more of Kathleen's stuff (note my polished toe in the "flower" picture. Okay so I've got a way to go in the photog dept):

So we have Maureen Lefebvre from Kamloops BC who sent in the below lovely pair of warm woolies. Maureen I love them and thanks for including the label on the wool, and the $ which will go to boots!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Purple Sock in Coldwater

Yes its been awhile! While we've been summering and cottaging and soccering, the folks in Coldwater ON and nearby have been knitting us a bounty of stuff. Last May, Lynn Stitchman (fabulous name for an owner of an LYS) of the Purple Sock (check them out at and see pix of the store and team Purple Sock above) started a Warm Hands project. Its August and voila!:
These two beautiful crochet blankets are made by Teresa of Phelpstor. Thanks Teresa, if you're reading this:
And the two little sweater sets below were done by Gayle from Coldwater. I moved from room to room to try to get a decent set of photos but no luck on this grey day. Can you tell my deck needs staining? Check out the little ducky buttons on the cardie's:

And these two hats and pairs of socks are from Pat of Coldwater. Very cute!
Hats hats hats + one pink neckwarmer from Brigitte from Collingwood. My favorite is the pink hat with the tassles - perfect for a little girl (or boy, no judgement here).
And last but not least, Jessie from Oshawa went to town with 14 sets of beehive mittens plus various socks. Jessie thank you so much - my daughter tried on the mittens and confirmed that they are "warm and cozy":