Tuesday, August 30, 2011

From Kamloops to Bedford...

Finally, I am back in town and get to open the boxes that have started to pile up! thought we`d start with a ``from east to west`kinda story.
The picture above is from Kathleen Walling of Bedford, Nova Scotia. Kathleen, you need to come to Ottawa and help us pack because I have no idea how you got such a ton of stuff in such a small box. It exploded when I opened it. The pics below are an attempt at my being arty with more of Kathleen's stuff (note my polished toe in the "flower" picture. Okay so I've got a way to go in the photog dept):

So we have Maureen Lefebvre from Kamloops BC who sent in the below lovely pair of warm woolies. Maureen I love them and thanks for including the label on the wool, and the $ which will go to boots!

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