Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Purple Sock in Coldwater

Yes its been awhile! While we've been summering and cottaging and soccering, the folks in Coldwater ON and nearby have been knitting us a bounty of stuff. Last May, Lynn Stitchman (fabulous name for an owner of an LYS) of the Purple Sock (check them out at and see pix of the store and team Purple Sock above) started a Warm Hands project. Its August and voila!:
These two beautiful crochet blankets are made by Teresa of Phelpstor. Thanks Teresa, if you're reading this:
And the two little sweater sets below were done by Gayle from Coldwater. I moved from room to room to try to get a decent set of photos but no luck on this grey day. Can you tell my deck needs staining? Check out the little ducky buttons on the cardie's:

And these two hats and pairs of socks are from Pat of Coldwater. Very cute!
Hats hats hats + one pink neckwarmer from Brigitte from Collingwood. My favorite is the pink hat with the tassles - perfect for a little girl (or boy, no judgement here).
And last but not least, Jessie from Oshawa went to town with 14 sets of beehive mittens plus various socks. Jessie thank you so much - my daughter tried on the mittens and confirmed that they are "warm and cozy":

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