Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Graphic Designer

Lynn Walma is the Warm Hands graphic designer - and every shipment, she makes time to send us a haul as well. We love Lynn! Above are a sample of her items. Lynn, I do have one grievance: I'm working on a crochet blanket right now, and my boy was watching me take pictures of your stuff. He took a look at your stunning flower crochet and said, "why can't you do something like that?" Um, because I only know one stitch and can only crochet in a straight line. Can you please comment though and let me know where you got the flower pattern? The back is just as pretty as the front.

I also took a pic of the tag that you made (Carlene, it has the website on it!).

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Minding My Own Stitches said...

Hi Anita, Glad you like the knitted (and crocheted) goods as well. The daisy square was a crochet pattern created by Krochet Krystal, but she has since withdrawn the pattern. Quite sad really, her comments here:

I'll pass on your son's kind comment to her!