Saturday, April 5, 2014

Off to Igloolik

So, as I mentioned, I'm off to First Air to send boxes to Igloolik.  We will have 5 boxes filled with your cozies for the community.  Rhoda, our community contact, said she can get the items distributed very quickly - there is such a shortfall of clothing.  Interestingly though, they are interested in items that fit into their own more traditional animal skin clothing - kind of using it as a liner.

I got a couple of boxes in the mail this week, and I'm squeeeezing them into the shipment as well - I want to send absolutely everything we can - let's make our cupboards bare!

So here's what I got this week:

The elephant above, the monkeys and the hats/mittens are from Sabrina Thomspson of Miss ON (otherwise known as knitphomatic on Rav).  Sabrina, thank you very much - your toys will be appreciated in Igloolik!

So when I sent out an "I'm not sure if I have enough" message, of course, Jeanine (douceaubergine) anted up immediately:  Jeanine, the socks and mittens will be very appreciated as I understand the last sets are currently linking kamiks and mittens.  See Jeanine's mittens below:

And finally, we LOVE Barbara Dreher of Takatsuki City, Japan.  Yes, you did read that right:  Barbara sends us stuff for each shipment - she's a Canadian living in Japan to be closer to her grand-babies.  Thanks, Barbara!

And above is a lap blanket/baby blanket from Barbara.  Your timing could not have been better!