Monday, December 29, 2008

The Count

In the midst of the Christmas crazies, I just wanted to post a note: the boxes are packed and here are our totals for the Innu kiddies and families:

Socks 44
Hats 151
Mitts and Gloves 141
Blankets 19
Sweaters 20


I pulled out all of the little tags and things with names on them, so you're all in the draw.

Thanks so much for participating in the project - I know how busy it is this time of year, and yet each one of you made time to make something and slip it in an envelope or box or bag and drop it off or mail it. You've got warm hands and warm hearts!

Anita and Amy

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Roll Credits 3: Linda, Louise, Jeannine and Kara

In the past week, we've had some fabulous contributions. I wanted to grab pix of the ones where you knitters provided us with an id, but there are so many that I've split them into three posts - if you don't see your stuff here, then check out the two other posts entitled "Roll Credits". If they aren't there, then post us a note.

So we got so much stuff from the OKG and the Toronto crew that we are going to have to open the boxes and start packing and unpacking. Okay if you're cool and 40+, as soon as you see packing and unpacking, you're humming "town to town, up and down the dial". Feed us the next line of the song in a comment, and you will be immortalized forever in the ledger of cooldom.

But I digress.

This hat was made by Kara of Quebec city (kalyle on Ravelry). I had to take a picture of it alone because its too cute.

These are all Kara's too:

The Ottawa Knitting Guild is at it again! The hats below were by our own sheep-lady Jeannine Turcott, and by Louise Moore.

Linda Williams of the OKG made these winners:

Roll Credits 2: Theresa and the OKG

Nancy, we love you for two reasons: you've been a great promoter of the project through the Ottawa Knitting Guild. Reason # 2 is that you knit with the hugs and kisses pattern (see the hats below), which is our very own, donated by Mags Kandis of Mission Falls. The hat on the bottom right is by Healther Albett:

Julia Yeung of the Ottawa Knitting Guild put together these juicy tidbits:

Deirdre Spann of the Ottawa Knitting Guild made pairs of mittens to go with each of these hats:

Daphne is one of our big-volume producers- she pops off a pair of mittens per day. Here's a sample of her work:

These beautifu hats are from Theresa Ladouceur who lives right down the street from me:

Roll Credits 1: Auriol and Rhea

The sweater below is from Auriol Rapin of Ottawa:

Angela Kiss sent us a wack of premie hats and booties:

Mittens, mittens mittens!

These three blankets, layered on top of eachother are from Rhea Hoare - beatiful and thick:

Friday, December 12, 2008

US Invasion - Very Cool

Here are some photos of some things that American Cindy sent us. Cindy you are our first, no wait, I stand corrected: second American contribution - very very cool (if you read this, comment and tell us where you're from!).

I see the Torontonians are totally stepping up - I love the photo below of Georgiana's stuff which is in the mail for us:

Okay the caption is American, and there's stuff from a Torontonian. One more non-sequitor (sequiter?): I'm Indian by heritage and my people are big on the scopes - usually I read the G&M Sally Brompton, which tends to be pretty negative (everyone's out to get you, you are doomed, etc.). A friend of mine recently pointed me to Free Will Astrology. Oh my gosh, I love him! Apparently I am a gorgeous genius - who doesn't need that kind of positive affirmation?

Okay back to my knitting - we're going to be busy this weekend packing boxes like crazy ladies 'cause next week is the rooooad trip! Wish us luck.


Lovely Lynn

On Tuesday, I picked up a box from Canadian Lynn. Lynn recruited some lovely people by providing them with the yarn and some patterns as well as beautiful handmade tags which you can see below. The knitters knit and then Lynn shipped. Lynn please pass a message of thanks on to Jan and Sita as well. The pix are above.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Great knitting from Toronto

Toronto - Thank you! My sister in law picked up the knitting from our drop off partners in Toronto, and Wow! She had to get more boxes! This is wonderful and inspiring. Thank you! We're setting up a date with Air Labrador for delivery before Christmas! More photos soon -