Friday, December 12, 2008

US Invasion - Very Cool

Here are some photos of some things that American Cindy sent us. Cindy you are our first, no wait, I stand corrected: second American contribution - very very cool (if you read this, comment and tell us where you're from!).

I see the Torontonians are totally stepping up - I love the photo below of Georgiana's stuff which is in the mail for us:

Okay the caption is American, and there's stuff from a Torontonian. One more non-sequitor (sequiter?): I'm Indian by heritage and my people are big on the scopes - usually I read the G&M Sally Brompton, which tends to be pretty negative (everyone's out to get you, you are doomed, etc.). A friend of mine recently pointed me to Free Will Astrology. Oh my gosh, I love him! Apparently I am a gorgeous genius - who doesn't need that kind of positive affirmation?

Okay back to my knitting - we're going to be busy this weekend packing boxes like crazy ladies 'cause next week is the rooooad trip! Wish us luck.



Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I am from the U.S. and I sent my stuff a while ago. Remember this?

Although Cindy rocks, too :-)

AB&AB said...

I went back - you're right - Julia you were #1 - she of the beautiful felted hats. Thanks for the note.

Georgiana said...

Squeee!! I feel... almost famous or something :)