Sunday, December 21, 2008

Roll Credits 3: Linda, Louise, Jeannine and Kara

In the past week, we've had some fabulous contributions. I wanted to grab pix of the ones where you knitters provided us with an id, but there are so many that I've split them into three posts - if you don't see your stuff here, then check out the two other posts entitled "Roll Credits". If they aren't there, then post us a note.

So we got so much stuff from the OKG and the Toronto crew that we are going to have to open the boxes and start packing and unpacking. Okay if you're cool and 40+, as soon as you see packing and unpacking, you're humming "town to town, up and down the dial". Feed us the next line of the song in a comment, and you will be immortalized forever in the ledger of cooldom.

But I digress.

This hat was made by Kara of Quebec city (kalyle on Ravelry). I had to take a picture of it alone because its too cute.

These are all Kara's too:

The Ottawa Knitting Guild is at it again! The hats below were by our own sheep-lady Jeannine Turcott, and by Louise Moore.

Linda Williams of the OKG made these winners:

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