Monday, August 10, 2009

Janet, Kathleen and Ms. Minnesota

So we're renovating the kitchen, which means 5 guys yelling at each-other downstairs at 5am each morning, while Anita, half-naked (and not my good half), yells at the kids upstairs each morning. Let me just say, that your little parcels are keeping me from killing somebody. That's kind of nice, eh? You warm and Innu and you keep Anita from committing electrician-homicide. You guys just keep on giving...

First, we have Knitter of StPaul Minnesota. Knitter, I'm putting you in the draw - the hats are incredibly detailed and beautiful. My daughter modeled the green one for me - love it, and I'm guessing that you folks know cold, too.

The next two are from sweet Janet of Fredricton. Janet, I did a close-up of these little mittens because I loved the yarn, but I have to say, thank you for knitting into the larger sizes. Apparently, the kids will wear the socks you knit to bed to keep their tootsies warm at night, so they are much appreciated! I will put you in the raffle 14-fold.

Kathleen of Bedford, Nova Scotia knit the two sweaters below and (wait for it) 17 more items. You got your socks, your hats, your mittens...its all great. Thank you so much!