Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Holidays!

First let me apologize profusely to Lorraine, Collyn, Karen and Silvia:  Ladies I am so sorry - life got away from me and its taken me this long to get your stuff on the blog!  This does get me caught up with the backlog which is a great way to start the holidays.

News - hmmm - well I got an email from Dr. Elizabeth:  the items that we sent up to the Women's shelter were very well utilized and we are scheming about getting another box up next month.  We're also still working with another collective of doctors who are actually unbelievable:  they take a very large box up with them each time one of them visits Nunnavutt, and the items get distributed far and wide, by a local nurse.  Its been frankly, amazing, just working with this lovely group of physicians.

Okay, pix pix pix:

This one comes from Lorraine Thompson in Port Hope Ontario.  The sweaters are beautiful, but check out the woven scarf and knitted hat from Lorraine below.  My cameral doesn't do these items justice.  They are so soft and beautiful.  The weaving is really something.

Socks socks socks from Collyn Baldwin in Corbett Oregon.  Collyn saw us in Vogue Magazine and decided she wanted to be part of the Warm Hands army.  Collyn, welcome!

Karen Zorn has been a contributor for a long time now - she's from Bredenbury SK and is also a lovely chatter on the blog.  Karen, thank you so much for your contribution, your donation and your kind words.  You have made a huge difference!

More from Karen - cozy neckwarmer which my daughter tried on and some socks to keep it company in the photo.

Okay this is kind of spectacular, so I took a closeup below.  In Stockstadt Germany, there's a Ravelry crochet group called haekeln.  They got together and made the blanket (folded in half, above) crochetted from sock yarn.  Silvia D'Onofrio, Katja, Silke and Katrin, I'm kind of crazy about you.  I think this will go to the women's shelter since the blanket is a good size.  Danke!

And finally some booties which were left anonymously at my door.  Not sure who donated, but I love them.