Saturday, January 21, 2012

WA, NJ, MA, AB (Every second day the mailman gives me something wooly and warm. I think he's my new best friend)

Sarah Rose of Camrose Alberta made these cute items for a newborn.

These hats and blanket are also from Sarah.  Purplicious!
Jeanine (Aubergine's mommy) dropped off this fab sweater.  Its super-big and incredibly intricate

OK Jeanine, next time you and the girls come over, we need to talk photography because my pictures don't do your work justice....

I love this blanket.  I can picture a toddler being thrilled with it.

Some of these hats are Carlene Hats.  That pattern rocks.

DouceAubergine also made a bunch of big fleecy blankets. 

And more fleecy blankets!  My friend Margaret is going to do a bunch of these as well.  So handy!

These socks are also from the lovely and prolific Jeanine.

I took a closeup of my favorite one.  Thanks, J!

These items came from Jackie Lambert of West Rickland, Washington.  The dickies (that's what they're called, right?) are a great alternative to scarves.

Okay these are mine.  I made them over Christmas using the Carlene Pattern from Ravelry.  I love that pattern, its such a "don't think, just do" kind of thing.  Perfect for long car rides.

These hats are from Wendy Lindquist in Jersey City, NJ.  Lovin' the pom pom!

I am a huge fan of neck-warmers.  Safe and easy for a kid to pull over his/her head.

This is a close-up of one of the neckwarmers made by Clavione Delaney of Laurel, Maryland (the ones above).  I think it might be Noro, because it has that feel to it.  Very ocean-pretty.