Monday, May 10, 2010

The Germans are In!

So we were contacted by Esther, a German now living in Canada who asked if we'd be interested in hooking up with a Ravelry group out of Germany who are fans of Drachenwolle, owned by the very generous Christiane (more on that later). Of course, Amy and I said "the more the merrier".

Well they are going to town. I can't even keep up with them (esp since most of them discuss in German, and babelfish gives me great translations like: "Yes, I like Kurt also! More coming!") but here's a link to their ravelry group:

And here is a link to Christiane's company, Drachenwolle - her yarn is beautiful and she has graciously offered to donate yarn to the Germans for our campaign. Yay!
The three pictures above are actually teasers of her stuff. Titillated? Check out her site at: