Sunday, July 25, 2010

It Came from Japan (and Ottawa)

Hey fab knitters!
After a quiet June on the Warm Hands front, stuff is starting to roll in. So last week, I got TWO big boxes from Japan (Takatsuki City to be precise), from our lovely Barb Dreher (aka obisaan from Ravelry). Barb is an ex-pat living in Japan right now, and has been contributing to Warm Hands for almost 2 years now.
The first thing I saw was that Barb made our very cool Mags Kandis pattern (hugs and kisses) which was created by Mags (of Mission Falls fame) especially for Warm Hands. Mags told me she thought of hugs and kisses because she wanted to convey to the kiddies that we knit for, that we're thinking warm thoughts about them.

Here is my favorite Barb blankie - Barb, I love it both for the pattern and the colour. I took the photo outside so the shadows are of tree branches hanging over the blanket. I love the stars.

And here are 6 more of the blankets that Barb made. I love the scalloped edges. Barbara, thank you thank you thank you!

Here are some mittens knit by Daphne Edmonds of the Knitting guild. Daphne has knit over 100 pairs for us since we started - thanks again, Daphne, my librarian!

And here are a couple of cute hats by Peggy Holton, also of the Guild! Guys, I love the little tags that you attach to your stuff. I think its great when we attach something that says to an Innu mom, "this was something made especially for your child, from warm hands, and warm hearts".

Love you all - you make this project happen!
Anita and Amy