Monday, October 3, 2011

Carlene and Jeanine come over

So Jeanine and Carlene came over and helped open and pack yet more boxes.  Carlene received this beautiful blanket and pair of socks from Jackie Lambert (JCL on Rav) from Washington.

Ellen of Fredricton make these two blankets.  She's the buddy of Janet (bus13knitter).

Janet (bus13) provided us with these beatiful items.  The thing I love about Janet is she knits her stuff, and also keeps the positive vibe going on the Rav group.  J, your buzz helps keep the Warm Hands project alive.

I love this blanket.  You can't tell how big it is but its perfect for a child upto about 10 I would say.  Virginia Thomas of Twinsburg Ohio, you are lovely!

These hats and mittens are also from Janet.  Check out the felted slippers (bottom left corner)

Yet more beautiful blankets from Virginia.  This is two blankies with the same pattern.  Also a kiss to you for sewing the labels in for us.

Carlene smiling as she packs boxes, smiling to herself.  She's picking up socks and mittens from Janet and thinking.

Check out boxes already packed and labelled and ready to go!

And here is Jeanine sewing labels like crazy.

To all of you lovelies (you know who you are), thanks for everything.  I expect to have the boxes at First Air on Friday which means they will likely get to Rankin and Gjoa Haven by mid-October.  Yay!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


My friend Margaret came over today to drop off some great fleece blankets.  She doubled them up when she sewed them, to make them extra warm.  Can you see Knittageddon in the background?  I am sure that there are well over 500 knitted and crochetted items in my dining room/living room/hallway right now.

This sweater and hats, as well as the mittens and hats below are from Claudette of Ottawa.  I got 4 garbage bags from Claudette (more than 20 blankets alone).  Kudos, Claudette!

Here is a sample of Claudette's blankets

And yet more.  I told you she is prolific.

And yet another bag of Claudette's goodies that I opened up (along with the socks below).

The above 3 crochetted blankets are so cheerful you wouldn't believe it.  The camera doesn't do them justice.  They come from Anita Edmonds of Asheville, NC.

Suzanne Atkinson (aka Suzanneknitter) is one of our charter members.  She is incredible because not only does she do her own knitting, she coordinates the knitting of others.  I love the square pattern on this blanket.  Its so pretty. 

These are the same pattern but a bevy of colours (also ms Suzanne's work).

Here is something that Annemarie of New York knit as squares then assembled (WAYYYY neater than my assembly, I might add).

And finallly this from V Thomas of Twinsburg Ohio -3 blankets.  V, I do have your other box as well but I have not opened it yet (I need to get some boxes off to Moosonee before I open up even one more thing).  Thanks everyone!!