Monday, April 4, 2011

First Air is In!

Okay, for some reason, I'm having trouble with the enter button on my computer, so I'm going to colour-code. The lovely folks at First Air have said yes to helping us with the Pauktuutit-Warm Hands project, which is amaaazing. Thanks First Air. So here is a summary of the campaigns. The closing date for all of them is September 30th. 1. Through our Pauktuutit contacts, we will be shipping to Rankin Inlet. We've got 2 projects on the go out there: Wool-Aid will take the lead on the daycare project: we have been asked to provide the following for the daycares located there: For the three daycares in Rankin, we need 67 blankets. We will need four (4) hats and four pairs of mittens for kids between the age six (6) months to eighteen. 30 pairs of mittens and 27 hats for age eighteen months to three years and thirty three pairs of mittens and hats for age four to six. The blankets need to be machine washable. In this case, the blankets will stay at the daycares and be washed every week, so it is important that they not shrink. I love the idea of providing each child with something unique that they can call their own. We have also been asked to provide items for the safe shelter there - here is the feedback from the head of the shelter there: The Rankin Inlet Women's Safe Shelter has served 43 women and 68 children aged between birth to fourteen. The breakdown is as follow: 12 (Birth to 2 year old) 46 (Age 3 to 5) 10 (Age 6 to 14). Those items will be gathered and shipped through Warm Hands. The weather there right now is a balmy -20C, -9F. 2. We are also shipping to Gjoa Haven! Here is the note from Hannah Quirrqat, who saw us at the Pauktuutit AGM, grabbed a couple of blankets for young moms in her community and said, "we're definitely in!". Ublaakut Anita (were still am here), Kudos to First Air again,! These items will be given to the Mom’s & Tot’s Centre here in Gjoa Haven. They have gatherings for young moms and their children. They hold gatherings to learn about good foods for both mom and baby, they invite elders to their meetings the elders show & tell young mom’s how to raise their babies. My daughter in law works for them. We have a big population of young mothers here in Gjoa Haven! Spring is almost here, and there will be families going out on the land so blankets/hats & mittens are needed for their trips. A lot of people start heading out to go fishing and caribou hunting at Springtime. Fresh caribou meat & Fish are everyone’s main diet here in Gjoa Haven. Thanking you very much in advance for your donations. So knitters and crochetters (never forget Carlene), knock yourselves out - every had, mitten and blanket will be well used and well loved. 3. We are still working with the Innu of Northern Labrador - the lovely folks at Drachenwolle will again be shipping socks to us from Germany, and we'll fire them along via the fabulous Provincial Airlines. Sheshatsuit has also made a request that if at all possible, we ship them sweaters for their elders. 4. Last but not least, we got a note from the E.D. of the Moosonee Native Friendship Centre. The stuff that we sent has already been shipped out, and Wool-Aid sent out a supplementary shipment. Once again, you guys are great - thanks to the web, Amy and I feel that we know you all so well. As long as you knit, we'll keep shipping to Northern kids. Thanks everyone!