Tuesday, July 31, 2007

First Shipment Sent!!!

Anita has sent our first shipment. Many, many thanks to all the knitters who contributed. We shipped almost 60 items to afghans for Afghans! We'll keep an eye on their website and blog to hear about when the shipment goes on to its final destination.

Meanwhile, keep knitting! We'll send another shipment in about 2 weeks, around the 17th of August, to make the afghans for Afghans deadline, and then start collecting for Dulaan and Natuashish, Labrador.

I have a few hats myself that just need to be sewn up. Those baby hats do go quickly, but I am not good working with DPNs, so I am always needing to sew up that seam. If I could locate my crochet hook, that would be a quicker way for me, but I think I carried it around too long, making headbands for my daughter.

Keep knitting!


Mary deB said...

If you're shipping the 17th, when should our stuff be at the shops -- I'm in Toronto. Glad I saw this... I'll get a few things to the Knit Cafe next week!

AB&AB said...

If it could be there by the 15th, it can be picked up in time.
Thank you, thank you!

Mary deB said...

I took it to Knitomatic instead. Two Baby Surprise Jackets and three little angora hats!

AB&AB said...

Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for the lovely sweaters and hats. I will ship them to afghans for Afghans in the September shipment!