Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Suzanne's Winter Princess Hat

Suzanne knitted a whole wack of these hats for afghans. I liked it so much that I knit two of them this weekend. I'm a slowwww knitter, and I can honestly get one of these done in 4 hours, start to finish. Love it! You can do it in 2 strands of worsted weight, to get that lovely tweedy look, or 1 strand of bulky. Perfect for the novice knitter. Thanks Suzanne! Here is the pattern:

Size - fits 4-8 year old child
Materials: smooth worsted-weight wool - use up your odds and ends, 6.00mm circular needle and double-pointed needles, wool needle (aka tapestry or yarn needle).
Note - hat is knit in the round on circular needles, changing to dpns when the work gets too small to fit on the circular needle.

With circular needle, and two strands of yarn held together, cast on 64 sts. Join, and mark beginning of round. Work k2, p2 ribbing around for 1 1/2" (about 4 cm). Change to stocking stitch (knit every round) until work from beginning measures 4 1/2" (about 12 cm). Begin top shaping - *knit 6 sts, k2tog, rep from * around. Next round - *knit 5 sts, k2tog, rep from * around. Continue as established, decreasing 8 sts each round until only 8 sts remain. Break off yarns leaving several inches. With wool needle, thread yarn through remaining sts and pull up. Weave in ends securely. Block hat if desired. This little hat lends itself very well to using up oddments of yarn, stripes, or a simple knit/purl pattern. Have fun!


Tannis D said...

Nice picture! And now I will try making a hat with some of MY leftover yarn. I like knitting in the car, and we are heading to Tad on Saturday.

Charles said...
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