Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

First, a correction - Kate has 12 squares done, 24 to go - I read the counter backwards, as she pointed out, with very good humour. It has been that kind of a day. I dropped the girls off at their camp pick up, heard my phone ring and my husband announcing that their lunches were still at home. I think quickly and head for the nearest Tim Hortons for bagels and juice. Return before the bus arrived, and I think I have turned my luck around. As I am driving to my office, the phone rings again and Bill has discovered M's epipens at home. Not cool. But, a lovely camp volunteer was heading in late, so I just had to go home, find the epipens, meet up with the very kind Allison and her partner, and get back to work in time for a meeting. Aargh. My new manager is not in the office today, so she will just have to find out later that I am a bit scattered, and that stuff comes up sometimes at home

I am hoping to have time to knit this weekend. A very good friend is turning 40 and is in for a few major surprises at her cabin. No, not a cottage, as she is from northern Ontario. The part of ontario where having a sauna at the cabin comes before having running water.


Kelly said...

I left a big bag for you at the Bank Street Yarn Forward this afternoon! It's mostly hats and socks with a few baby items. I've discovered that oddballs of sock yarn make great baby hats and socks.

Thanks again for organizing this project. I wish you the best of luck!

AB&AB said...

Thank you so much! How did you find time while packing?!! Best of luck,