Monday, July 23, 2007

Infant Items Needed Quickly

Today was a great day for a picnic of civil servants down by the Ottawa River. Imagine, July 23 in Ottawa with very minimal humidity...who knew?!! I finally found the nerve to organize a potluck for my office, after about 10 months there. Luckily, it was the most perfect day for a picnic. The only problem was the amount of goose poop everywhere. I do like geese, I just prefer them farther away, and in smaller numbers so that you can put a picnic blanket down without thinking about whether to wash it about 8 times or just burn it after the picnic. I work with a bunch of nutritionists, so the food was excellent. There were enough of us standing around one picnic table that the people at the other table gave us their table. A lovely gesture, and much appreciated. And for those of you in town, the stone builder at Remic Rapids is back, and has different stuff from last year. I will try to get a photo and post it.

Back to the knitting stuff... a call has come from afghans for Afghans, looking for infant items to be shipped very quickly to them. We have a few infant items, but we are happy to ship more! We will send a shipment on August 12, with all the infant items we have by then. (Dont' worry - if you have donated other items for A4A, we will ship those as well.) I'll try to take a photo of the ones I have been working on.

Here is the call from afghans for Afghans:
If you prefer to knit small items in the summer heat, we'd love to haveyoujoin us in knitting wool baby items to be sent to Afghanistan. Good waytouse up oddballs of wool yarns, too.The CURE Hospital in Kabul has asked us to send these specific itemsfornewborns: baby hats (head circumference of 10" - 15") baby socks (footlength of 2.5" - 3.5"/no booties, please) baby blankets (minimum 40" x30")Please do send these baby items to us as soon as you are ready. We'dlike toship several boxes as soon as possible in the next month or so. Thehospitaldelivers newborns every day.CURE is one of the few hospitals that serves very sick babies in theirneonatal unit. Although, please keep in mind, we do not need itemssized forpre-mature babies. Just the sizes above. (Anything larger that we receive will be sent with our next delivery to older babies and children, so not to worry.)

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