Sunday, January 18, 2015


So, people, how was your holiday?  Was it filled with knitting and nattering? Eating and socializing?  Or netflix and noshing?  My little family went to India for the trip of a lifetime.  I have been 8 times but this was the first time for my kids.  To see it through my childrens' eyes…words can't describe how it feels to hear your teenager say "I love India.  I feel so lucky.".

Great word, that.  "Lucky".  Its used more to describe one of those little one-off breaks in life:  $100 on a scratch ticket, being in the right place at the right time, but what about the on-going luck?  The luck that lets us connect with Bonita of Arviat, Mike of Cape Dorset, Rhoda of Igloolik, the Docs who go to Iqaluit, the kind and smart folks at First Air?  Have you ever noticed that some how, some way, the shippers, producers (you) and distributors (our communities) seem to line up at the right time?

That is the day in, day out luck: our northern serendipity.

So I ran around like an idiot today, packing and dropping off, after returning from a 3 day ringette tournament in Montreal.  We have 2 big boxes going up to Iqaluit tomorrow, via the docs.  I'm hoping to hear back from our nurse contact, Diane, about creating a joint project with the shelter in Iqaluit.  Fingers crossed.

Pat Ptasnik of Des Moines, Iowa (WULSPNR on Rav) sent in these great socks at hat.

Jeremy!!!  Have I mentioned how much we love Jeremy!  He  has  created our new logo and banner page which we will be launching shortly.  Jeremy, just wanted you to know that knitters are already sending in items with your tags (see below)  Yahoo!

Beautiful hats and a blanket by former teacher K Tobin of Kirkland QC (Baabaabayeux on Rav).  Thanks for being a part of this, Baabaa.

Its amazing.  You can always count on Karen to send in much needed stuff every shipment.  Karen, I met with Rhoda from Igloolik last week, who told me that the mittens are used as soft liners inside sealskin or fur mitts - I'm sure its the same deal in Iqaluit.  Thank you for that.

Karen was on a neck warmer kick.  Thank you - so great for the kids who have to go out ice-fishing.

Ear-protecting hats and tiny socks by Roblyn Rendall of Markham ON (rammy on Rav).

Wendy Lindquist of Jersey City, NJ sent us cute little baby booties and some hats.  Thank you!

Peggy Wallace of Oakville (Dr. Peg on Rav) is a mind-reader.  Those balaclavas are exactly what is required when the temperature drops below -30 degrees.  

And more from the prolific Dr Peg.  The mittens were made by her mom, Aileen.   Dr. Peg, please let your mom know that her stuff is going up to Iqaluit.

Jackie Lambert of West Rickland, WA is well-loved by us.  She always sends in super-warm items.  The socks above, and the mittens, hat and slippers below are all hers.

Sarah Ross, from Canmore AB - love the super-warm border around the hats!

This blanket and neck warmer are also from Sarah.

Jeremy, I wanted to give you a closeup photo of your beautiful tags in use by Wendy Piper of Gloucester, ON.  Wendy sent in a gaggle of hats (below), along with gorgeous neck warmers and a warm blanket.  Finally, the blue sweater is also from her.

And last but never least is our packing partner, Jeannine (DouceAubergine on Rav).  Jeannine is a trooper, both as a knitter and as a packer.  The blanket below is from her and it is cuddly - Douce, it will make some little boy or girl very happy for a long time.

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Karen Z. said...

Anita, about the mittens used as liners, that is how we use our wool mittens but inside plain leather mitts. Our hands never get cold.
What a beautiful collection of warm knits! I love everything!