Sunday, October 15, 2017

Slightly Shorter but Just as Sweet

Lets catch up!

Right now we've got a couple of ideas but there is no rush to send in your stuff.  We will be shipping to the ENT doctors in 2018 but right now, we are thinking about a shipment to Jimmy Hikok school again.  We got sponsorship again this year for the boxes (thank you so much Canadian North.  We love you!!!).  I spoke to the principal last week.  She said that they are down to their last 3 pairs of mittens, but still have sweaters left to give out.  Their request is for mittens, hats and neck warmers.  I'm just trying to coordinate shipping (Executive Committee, this will be our priority on packing night).  In addition, we are trying to work something out with a Inuit children's community centre here in Ottawa - stay tuned for that one - the projects could be very  Then of course, there is always Baffin Larga.

Confessions: there have been so many packages and I am so backlogged that I made an executive decision and have photographed only a couple of items from each box.  I loved them all, though and we will definitely oooh and ahhh over them when the team meets in November.  Love to all of you.


Liechty from Goshen Indiana

Hats from Guelph!

N Martel from Beaconsfield Quebec

Jackie Lambert (hi Jackie!) from West Richland WA

Janet Wright from Fredricton NB - thanks, J!

Lori Meyer (nannylor on Rav) from Kensington, PEI

Please tell me who sent these because I love them and there was no note

Vivienne Shishakly, Saint-Lazare QC - nice to see you back!

The Haileybury Knitters

The lovely and talented Dr Peg of Midland (accounting students, I must know more...)

Our favourite Canadian in Japan, Barbara Dreher

Atopbing (Anna Bing of Morrisburg, ON)

Lois Manton of Montreal QC

Anne Saint of Victoria Harbour ON

The pics above and below were obviously made with love but without a note, I can't tell who the lovely contributor is!

Picked up a ton of items from Yarn Forward - here are a couple of shots.

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