Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Yarn Canada Giveaway - Apply by December 31

Good Day, Crafters of WHN! Yarn Canada has launched their third annual yarn giveaway. Those knitting for good causes are invited to apply for a chance at winning a donation of yarn.
From their website:
“We’re Giving Yarn to Your Good Cause
We know so many wonderful people knit and crochet for good causes. We’d love to hear your stories and help out!
We’ve partnered with Bernat Yarn and Patons Yarn to give 12 individuals and groups a total of $2000 worth of yarn to use towards their good works.
Since we get requests from all over, and we’d like to do something nice for our neighbors, this is open to Canadians and Americans.
Here’s the yarn we’ll be giving away:
1 x $500 of yarn to a Canadian group who knits or crochets for a good cause 
1 x $500 of yarn to an American group who knits or crochets for a good cause 
10 x $100 of yarn to Canadian or American individuals or groups who knit or crochet for a good cause.”
Deadline is December 31, and don’t forget to indicate a preference for yarns from animal fibres to boost the warmth factor.  WHN has already been entered as a group, so be sure to enter as an individual if this is of interest (because we all need more yarn, am I right?). Thank you to Yarn Canada for this generous giveaway, and for reaching out to us to make sure our crafters were informed of this opportunity!
Good luck!!

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